How To Fix Food Angst: A Wonton Soup Secret Revealed

It was a day all health nuts would shun.

Yesterday’s theme of the way was “hugely nonoptimal.”

Did get to the gym….

Did get to the pool….

Did create massive amounts of glorious food for the family….

But yep.

Towards the afternoon, my get up and go…

Got up and went….

… with a vengeance that would have warmed Bruce Willis’ little heart.

Okay total transparency…

I’ve never seen any Die Hard With a Vengeance movie.

But somehow, the above seemed appropriate.  🙂

I was basically toasted to a fine crisp……

And the only thing my brain kept shrieking in my ear was….


Who, me?

Smart, powerful, always-eat-healthy Mama Bear?

But then I started analyzing it…..

And realized the following.

Life is NOT meant to shun comfort foods… even if they’re kinda sorta weird!

Generally my comfort food is soup.

And quite often, that’s enough to provide the physical food pleasure my body is craving.

But not yesterday!

So like any brave blogger, I took it to Facebook.

Should I indulge?


Best comment from that discussion was, “there had better be 34 pictures of the entire process!”

And without any further ado:

The Magnificent Menu!

Magnificent Menu!

The wondrous food, part 1!

Wonton soup!

Spare ribs!

Spare ribs!

Beef Lo Mein!

Beef Lo Mein!


Oh, ’twas glorious it was!

Had a bit of everything and interestingly enough…

I felt better.

Which makes me want to research the whole Comfort Food thingee sometime…..

Does comfort food have a physical impact as well as a psychological impact?

Does eating it only prevent you from thinking about what makes you feel bad….

OR can it be a sign your body was requiring a certain type of food?

(Gosh I would love that… except….. I seriously doubt Wonton soup is a medical miracle!)

But the fact remains….

After eating all of the “forbidden foods”….. (well, portions of them)…..

I felt fine.

No guilt.

After all, I have the rest of my life to continue eating mindfully.

And if I (gasp!) break! the! rules! every! now! and! then! …..

So what?

It’s just food at one time in my life.

If I do that every hour every day, that’s one thing….

But being good to yourself and eating what you desire when you desire it during times of non-optimalness?

It’s not going to damage you.

Instead, it can help you physically feel better.

All that analysis yesterday when simple….

The wonton soup was the food angst cure required.

Yours, of course, might be different….

Your takeaway?

Just like you shouldn’t angst about, Is Food Organic!…

You should never angst when you’re doing poorly and comfort food is required.

Love yourself, treat yourself grand… and face the world tomorrow.

It will be waiting for you.

Grow strong,

Mama Bear



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