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Welcome and so glad to see you!  I’m the Virtual Coach, Maverick 26+ Year Entrepreneur, Mama Bear and several dozen names that I’ve acquired over the past several decades… and I’m your host here at the Virtual Coach “I Can DO This!” Site.

Virtual Coach  brings you the best of over 50 (aka Baby Boomers!) entrepreneur, health and self-confidence ideas from both myself and also the hand-picked team that joins us.  You’ll be enlightened, entertained, and most importantly…. benefit from all the tools and resources we have to offer you.

But that’s possibly the least important thing to know.  What’s truly important is….

We at vCoach Know That Succeeding In Your Goals, Getting Healthy and All Around Personal Growth … Is A Personal Hero’s Journey…

And we treat it as such.

Personal success and health are such intimate qualities for each of us… and what works for your friends simply might NOT work for you.  That’s okay!  One size NEVER fits all…. and we recognize and honor that for you.

So sit down, grab a virtual cup of coffee or tea, and begin with:

The Best Place For You To Start Is:

What interests you the most!

Out of the 100s of Baby Boomer entrepreneurial & self-confidence/health topics, we’ve managed to winnow it down to:

Giving Yourself Permission To Succeed

Making money online is a hero’s journey.  It really is!  It requires you to give yourself permission to step out of your comfort boundary…

… and make things happen.

That’s scary.  Don’t let anyone trivialize that to you.

And it *might be* that *right now*, you’re just not ready to actually *try*.  So instead of trying, you buy the latest and greatest bright shiny objects so that *when* the only option you have… is making things happen….

… you’ll have all the tools you require at your side.

Don’t force it.

Making money online is just like losing weight – you can buy all the gym memberships and all the exercise equipment and all the diet plans you’d like…

… but until you actually give yourself permission to *use them*…

…. you’ll never lose the weight you desire nor gain the body you crave.

Here at the Virtual Coach, we accept that about you.  

Heck, we were once in your place ourselves….

… but once we got to that place where staying where we were was ‘way more painful than moving forward…

… We leveled up.

And you will too.  When the time is right.  That’s one reason why we review the latest and greatest of products that emerge…. if they excite you, check them out!  And when you’re ready to take that real first step for profiting online…

… We’ll be there for you.

Self Esteem

Sooo many people talk about how much they want to earn a healthy income online.

Well, guess what.

To EARN that income, you must first believe you’re WORTHY of that income…

…. ie, you must give yourself permission to make things happen!

Heck, over at our group, Perking Up Profits…. I asked:

You need confidence to earn money!

Like we said…

… it doesn’t matter ALL the tools you have and ALL the knowledge you have….

… unless you give yourself permission to shine.

That’s what you’ll gain here as well.


As a babyboomer, “Fitness” generally is a weeee bit less strenuous than when we were in our 20s.  Shopping cart fitness, stand ups/sit downs and more, you’ll find ’em here!  Your host is a 50+ year old handicapable woman who raises cane at the gym just about every day.  An energetic snail can surpass her, mind you… but that doesn’t stop her from being the best she can.

And finally, here are where you’ll discover my reviews or exposes etc. on the most popular business, fitness and health thingees out there.  Do keep in mind:

I don’t judge.

And I understand if your ideas might be 180 degrees opposite of mine.  That’s fine!  I might not support what I review, but if you do… more power to you.

Remember – this is YOUR Personal Hero’s Journey….

And nobody but NOBODY can tell you how to walk it.

It’s up to you to discover what works best for:

  • Your confidence
  • Your income
  • Your body
  • Your temperament
  • Your health

I’m excited for your journey…Enjoy!

Grow strong,

Your Virtual Coach