When Shower-Scummed Ugliness Raised Its Icky Head… This Brave Girl Sliced It Off

The result is breathtakingly beautiful.

Lacking the confidence of a peanut butter sandwich, some sorry twit at a high school created a poll of the “Ugly Girls in 12th Grade.”

(I must stop here for a second to mull upon what pathetic low-life scum gets their jollies mocking other people.  And it’s not just boys or girls…. it’s grown human beans as well as we see at:

But I digress.

A 12th grader, Lynelle Cantwell, found herself on this list…. but instead of giving rent-free space to this tweeble-headed cockroach, she wrote the following instead.

Facebook Post

Woot for her.   But  I there are some things I’d like to say to Lynelle as well.


Kudos to taking control of the situation and not letting whatever pathetic weenie created it…. get you down.

One thing you wrote, however, I would disagree with…..

“I know I’m not the prettiest thing to look at.”

Stop it right there!!

Even though its hugely tough to get past the traditional ideas of “beauty”… you’re not a ‘thing’ and your true beauty shines from within.

Thank you for your wise reaction…. you are an inspiring young woman whose seeds of greatness have started to sprout.

I’ll leave you with this idea….

Wouldn’t it be great if people judged beauty by the person’s character…. instead of by their outside packaging?

What would happen to the Instagram community then?

It is to ponder.  Continue to inspire!

Grow strong,

Mama Bear”


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