Today’s rousing Body-Positive Post of 12/9/15

In a word….. eh?

The more and more I go thru life as a babyboomer, the more I think youth is wasted on the young.

First I decided to raise cane in the morning…


And yep..

No more heavy days for me.

Stopped at Shoprite and came up with the following for dinner:


which translated into:

Mama Bear Squash!

Mama Bear Squash

More on that later.

Hit the gym again while waiting for youngest….. cold in the gym, so yep.



Didnt get to the pool alas…

Body just wasn’t into it.

These things happen.

Your takeaway?

Do what you can… when you can…

And NEVER get scammed by organic foods!

Grow strong,

Mama Bear

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