The PlusOne Secret: How To Build Your Self-Confidence Goals Even If You Feel Like Mushed Up Toenails

Sometimes it’s really difficult to get out of bed.

You lay in bed and think to yourself…

“… why bother?  There’s no way I can finish my work and stuff…..

… might as well just give it up before I fail.”

I can sooo relate to that.

Especially if you have health issues…

Or if you combat depression…

… or menopause….

… or anything else that is challenging in the extreme…

There are days when you simply cannot pull yourself out of the dumps.

And that’s okay.

Because we are all on our own personal hero’s journey….

And we all tackle that at our own pace.

Thing is….

… That total blah/do nothing/wah to yourself feeling?

You can choose to beat it.

And not by doing a full reaction (ie, I feel miserable so I’m going to force myself to the gym for an hour, or I’m going to power my way through creating 4 blog posts, or… you get the idea).

Instead, you beat it by invoking your right for a PlusOne action.

What’s a PlusOne action?

It’s anything that is a little bit more…. than absolutely NO action.

For example, let’s say that you KNOW you should get to the gym for an hour.

Give yourself permission instead to acknowledge, “I’m in misery right now…. I’ll just go to the gym and do only 10 minutes.”

When you actually *get* to the gym, though, the mere physical *act* of arriving there might help put you in a much better frame of mine (ie, “I’m here, might as well do 15 minutes instead of 10.”)

But even if you don’t…. at the end of 5 minutes, you’ve done *something*.

Something you can be proud of!

Need to blog but have zero inspiration?

Do this search:

Latest NICHE training


See what sorts of soundbytes grab you….

… and then create a simple blog post that highlights the news and provides a direct link to the update.

Definitely not profound….

…. but again, you’ve PlusOned the day (ie, you did more than zero).

That little bit of success….

… is something you can use to state, “I made a positive contribution today!”

See, the key here is NOT to achieve what you normally are capable of when you’re feeling less optimal than a fossilized kneecap in an ice-skating competition….

The key is to honor your situation yet STILL… do something that lets you say, “I’ve got this!”

So the next time you’re feeling like your get up and go, got up and is currently vacationing in Antarctica….

Try PlusOneing your day.

You might be surprised at what you discover.


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