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💝 Day 67 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I accept I have goofed in the past.

Tell yourself today: I acceptI have goofed in the past.  Day 67 of the Self Confidence Challenge

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Yesterday, we discussed the actual… action! of standing up for yourself.  Good stuff!

Now let’s start paving the way for something quite critical….

… addressing past goofs you might have made.

To wit:


It’s tempting to live in the past… where you’ve made some pretty agonizing mistakes….

But doing so stifles your future growth.

And the first step to regaining that growth… 

It admitting what you’ve done.


Obligatory Steven Universe Goodness!  Episode 59, Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

Ronaldo “investigates” the weirdness of Peridot’s ship crashing to earth… and who might be responsible.

Here’s a clip:

Steven Universe – Rising Tides/Crashing Skies by Moondoge

Not to mention:


And if you want to get the lowdown on Steven Universe, check out my

Good stuff indeed.

So to recap everything imaginable….

It’s okay to accept you’ve goofed in the past.

You’ve got this…


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