The First Step to Dealing With Fear Is Naming It And Then

Fear can be paralyzing.

But you know something?

It doesn’t have to rule your life.

You can conquer fear.  It might take some time….

… but the Internet wasn’t built in a day!

The first step in dealing with your fear is naming it.

When you name it, it’s no longer unknown….

And that which you know is something you can deal with!

So here’s my fear.

Not being able to commit to my baby boomer self-confidence ideas.

See, I view self-confidence can show up in many ways…

… but for me, the most important things are:

  • Self-confidence in making money
  • Self-confidence in how I feel about myself
  • Self-confidence in how I feel about my body

I’m really stellar in the first….

…. and I have some pretty good ideas about the other two…

… but writing about that every day?

Creating inspirational viral shares?

Getting back into Instagram?

Tying it all together?


No idea how that will fly!

I’ve started and stopped sooo many times in the past….

But hey.

If I don’t do it…

Who will?

Yep.  Powerful stuff, that.

Stay tuned!

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