💝 Day 2 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I Have Today To Grow

Tell Yourself Today:   Day 2 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I Have Today To Grow

Click HERE to join the Self Confidence Challenge! http://asksfi.com/scsYesterday, we chatted a bit about how you are above ground right now… so you have the rest of your life to gain the self confidence you deserve.

Today, I’d like to discuss Day 2:  “I Have Today To Grow”.

What can that mean to you?

Lots of things!

Each and every day we are gifted with 24 brand new hours in which to choose to:

  • Continue to level up with our self-confidence
  • Start to level up with our self-confidence
  • Think about leveling up with our self-confidence

Isn’t that grand?    I think you’ll enjoy these additional insights over here:

Your takeaways?

Even if you don’t achieve all of your goals today….

That’s okay!  You can simply PlusOne ’em instead!

In other words, if you don’t find yourself hitting all of your:

  • Self confidence goals


  • Health goals


  • Any goals

etc. …

You can still, at the end of the day….

Do just something more than zero.

And *that* is your PlusOne goal!

See… you don’t have to go from zero to 60 when you’re considering choosing to build up your self confidence.

You really don’t!

Sure, it would be peachy neato if you can….

But if not…..

Do what’s the most comfortable…. for you!  And if you’d like to learn more about PlusOne, enjoy this goodie here:


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