💝 Day 5 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I have doubts and that’s okay

Day 5 Doubts

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Yesterday, we went over a bit about how it’s okay to have fears.  Fears can be viewed as Fluffy The Wonder Fear Dragon … and you can tame Fluffy and make him your friend.

Today, I’d like to discuss why having doubts is okay.

See… everyone has doubts.

Every self-confident person you’ve ever seen on social media or real life…

They have doubts too.

They just don’t show them… because showing your doubts, sometimes, is perceived by others as *weak*.

*Weak* doesn’t sell books or memberships….

Being strong all the time does!

Well, earlobe to that.

The plain fact is…

… just about everything you see on social media has been scrubbed and shined and prettied up to represent an ideal…

A highlight reel, so to say.

But that’s simply untrue.

*Everyone* has doubts…

… even the people you admire the most!

And that’s okay.

To have doubts ==> to be human; we’re always questioning things, we’re always considering the future, we’re always thinking “What *if*?”

Want to know how to handle your doubts?

The best way to handle your doubts is to embrace them.  Face them head on (like your fears!).

If you’d like, you can visualize your doubts like Fluffy the Fear Wonder dragon.  Or perhaps Fang the Wolf.  Or the Beak of Doom.  Whatever compels you to want to engage in a conversation… and uncover *why* you’re having those doubts right now.

Doubts can protect you from rash decisions (I think I will leap off a canyon wall because I can fly!)…

… but they also can prevent you from achieving your potential (I think I will earn a PhD!)

Approach your doubts with wisdom.  Give yourself permission to examine what those doubts represent…

… and then give yourself permission to move forward if you can mentally stack the cards in your favor.

Having doubts is human nature.

It’s okay.

However, being crippled by your doubts is not okay.

Give yourself the gift of accepting your doubts, examining them…. and then…

… letting them go and do your best to achieve your goals.

Your future self will thank you for it!


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