💝 Day 12 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I am worthy of my ability to say no.

Tell Yourself: I am worthy of my ability to say no.  Day 12 of the Self Confidence Challenge

Click HERE to join the Self Confidence Challenge! http://asksfi.com/scsWhy hello there!  Hope your day has been going swimmingly!

Yesterday, I revealed to you a bit about how you are worthy of the space you take.   Today, I’d like to kinda sorta combine the previous 4 lessons into one critical component:

You are worthy of your ability to say no.

To wit:

This is something I feel quite strongly about because sometimes…

…. sometimes your desire to be “nice” and say YES can get you walked over faster than the bridges during a NYC marathon for toddlers.

You know what I mean, right?

  • You don’t want to upset the coffee cart….
  • You don’t want to cause someone else discomfort….

So you keep saying YES to things you’d much prefer to say NO to!

And you’re worth far more than that.

You deserve the same kind of goodness that you extend to others…

So *never* feel like you HAVE to say YES….

You really don’t.

Need some help in saying no?  Here are some super resources:


Your takeaway?

Role-play with saying no… get yourself comfortable with the concept of standing up for yourself.  It really does get ‘way easier as you get more experience….


Obligatory Steven Universe Reference:  Episode 2, Laser Light Cannon

Continuing with our celebration for Steven Universe…

Let’s continue with Episode 2, Laser Light Cannon!

(remember, you can get a good primer on Steven Universe at Gems 101).

This episode introduces Steven’s dad.    Right now, I see the episode is on YouTube:


And you can even see a Laser Light Cannon Animatic:

So cool!

And if you become entranced with it as I am….

You can click there to check out Amazon.com’s Steven Universe goodies

Good stuff indeed.

So to recap everything imaginable….

You are worthy of your ability to say NO.  Never let anyone take that away from you.




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