💝 Day 11 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I am worthy of the space I take up

Tell Yourself: I am worthy of the space I take up. Day 11 of the Self Confidence Challenge

Click HERE to join the Self Confidence Challenge! http://asksfi.com/scsHowdy howdy howdy!  Great to see you here today…. how has the day been treating you?  Grand I hope!

Yesterday, I discussed a bit about how you’re worthy of the air you breathe…. and offered some ways to deal with feelings of worthlessness.  Today I’d like to extend that concept to:

You are worthy of the space you take up.

See, it could be that because you’re still developing self-confidence, you lack the courage to accept if something good is around or happening…. you deserve the same consideration as others.

In other words, you always insist on being “nice” and sacrificing ala: (it’s around 1:30 in the video or so).

(there was a much better Nice Fighter later on in that episode, but alas no clips I could uncover.  🙂  )

Anywhos!  Sometimes a lack of self-confidence makes you think:

“Other people are more worthy than I… I should just bow out so they can receive XYZ.”

And what do I say to that?

“No regular coffee for you!”

Meaning, of course…

You *are* just as worthy as your peers… to take up whatever space needs taking up.

Sure, if you’re on a bus and you’re sitting down and an elderly or handicapable person is standing, giving up your seat (if you’re able-bodied) is a Very Good Thing indeed….

But feeling like others deserve space on this planet more than you?

El wrongo.

You are just as deserving of whatever space you want to carve out.

To wit:

Your takeaway?

When you feel unworthy of taking up space, have a chat with Fluffy the Fill In The Blank dragon… and try to understand just *why* you’re telling yourself these negative ideas.

Understanding why… is the first step towards making yourself comfortable with the space you choose to claim.

Never but never… forget that.


Obligatory Steven Universe Reference:  Episode 1, Gem Glow

During Day 10 of the Self Confidence Challenge, I had written a bit about Steven Universe.

I’ve decided that familiarizing my readers with this super series is a Good Thing….

So let’s begin with Episode 1, Gem Glow!

(remember, you can get a good primer on Steven Universe at Gems 101).

This episode introduces Steven, a half magical being.    Right now, I see the episode is on DailyMotion:

Steven Universe – S.01 E.01 – Gem Glow – HD by RileyIsAwesome

It appears the Nostalgia Critic also likes it!

And if you become entranced with it as I am….

You can click there to check out Amazon.com’s Steven Universe goodies!

Yesterday I bought all the episodes on Amazon Direct Video…

Good stuff indeed.

So to recap everything imaginable….

You are worthy of the space you take up… never give anyone rent-free space in your mind to make you think differently.


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