💝 Day 104 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I recognize I am worthy.

Tell yourself today: I recognize I am worthy.  Day 104 of the Self Confidence Challenge

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Yesterday, we had some fun times!

Today, let’s discuss something I’ve been waiting to broach for a long time!

Move to:

I recognize I am worthy.

To wit:



Your value does NOT come from what other people say.

One of the main reasons for developing self confidence is to *internalize* that value of yours…. inside!

Because when you do….

You are simply…. *unstoppable*.


Obligatory Steven Universe Goodness!  Episode 95, Gem Hunt

Jasper returns.  And she is on a mission.

See for yourself:


Not to mention:





And if you want to get the lowdown on Steven Universe, check out my

Good stuff indeed.

So to recap everything imaginable….

You ARE enough… and you don’t need anyone else to tell you you are *worthy*.

You’ve got this…


Author: Virtual Coach