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🌄 Coaching the Elections

Tell yourself today:  The media shares whatever is in its best interest to share.

How to have faith in yourself


It’s so different for so many people….

And it’s always colored by whatever rose-tinted glasses they want to peer through.


If there’s one thing this election has shown us, it’s that if you’re smart, you put together a huge marketing machine that basically manipulates what the media shares.

Sad, isn’t it?

But its a fact of life.

Some people will only believe what they crave to believe….

And they will refuse any sorts of facts that might threaten their comfort zone.

How do you fix them?

You don’t.


Change happens only when people are *ready to receive* other people’s views.

And not before that, alas.

Your takeaway?

Look during the past 4 years of the messages all political parties were sent…

… and what you chose to see on social media….

You were coached along to the position The Powers That Be… wanted you to achieve.

Something to think about.

Today’s Make Money Online Goodies To Consider!

Several thingees went live yesterday that are rather nifty, depending upon how you want to profit online.

Let’s start with:

James Renouf Make Money Selling Sneakers Arbitrage

Sneaker Arbitrage

This goodie by veteran marketer James Renouf shows you the undergroup sneaker arbitrage market….

And it reveals things you never considered (how some sneaks can command 5 figures and more).  This is stuff your typical consumer has zero idea about…. and James shows you the best way to take advantage of it.

This is good if you want to take advantage of an undiscovered niche (plus the ideas shared can spur you to explore other means of profiting online).

Next, want something hugely controversial?

US Domino Effect (financial)

From what I could tell, this focuses on the stock markets and the like.   VERY controversial but I don’t judge (but I would say, how on earth could ANYONE confirm something will happen in the FUTURE?).

This is good if you like buying products for the thrill and the dream of some year achieving something different.

Next we have a nifty PLR business in a Box:

YouTube Celebrity! PLR

YouTube Celebrite!

This is a done for you product where you can claim ownership of it (ie, put your name as the author, add your own buy buttons, keep 100% of the profits when folks buy from you, etc.etc.etc.).

This is good if you want to fast track your way to making and selling digital products (after all, it’s done for you).

And that basically takes care of today…


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