What Manuel’s Instagram Reveals About Him & Ashley (Does He Act Sketchy On Social Media?)


  • Manuel and Ashley’s journey on ’90 Day Fiancé’ shows the power of second chances and overcoming obstacles in love.
  • Manuel’s Instagram posts reveal a shift in his priorities, sparking speculation about the state of his relationship with Ashley.
  • Despite doubts from some, Manuel and Ashley appear to be enjoying a happy married life together in 2024.

Manuel Velez from 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 8 has an interesting Instagram presence that reveals a lot about his real personality. The Ecuadorian man met his lovely partner, Ashley Michelle, a decade ago. He liked her personality and decided to pursue her romantically. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out at that time. Ashley returned to the United States, leaving Manuel in Ecuador. The massive change meant the two could no longer see each other, so they mutually parted ways, only to reconnect seven years later.

Manuel and Ashley gave their relationship a second chance after they reunited. They fell in love and decided to marry. During 90 Day Fiancé season 10, Ashley filed for Manuel’s K-1 visa and invited him to the United States. She tried her best to build a future. Sadly, Manuel’s lack of investment in the relationship bugged Ashley. His shady attitude and inability to communicate with Ashley created trust issues and made his in-laws doubt him. Despite the red flags, Ashley chose to go through with the wedding. She tied the knot with Manuel as planned.


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Manuel No Longer Posts About His Kids On Social Media

Manuel Used To Share Glimpses Of His Kids On Instagram

Manuel’s Instagram speaks a lot about his true personality. When he joined social media, he posted about his children. He adored sharing photos of his daughter and showing his patriarchal side. However, Manuel has changed a lot lately. He no longer posts about his kids on Instagram. On one hand, it’s nice of Manuel not to show off his kids on social media, as critics can be pretty harsh.

On the other hand, it’s a bit shady that he has stopped talking about them since reconciling with Ashley.

Manuel Used To Call Ashley His Queen

Manuel Has Stopped Showering Ashley With Love On Instagram

Manuel used to call Ashley a queen and treat her like his majesty. In 2020, he posted a video of her smiling. He wrote, “eres la persona mas excepcional y perfecta.. te amo mi reina,” which translated to, “tou are the most exceptional and perfect person. I love you, my queen.” Ashley also responded with much love to Manuel’s posts. She replied with, “te amo mucho amor,” which meant, “I love you so much love.” Unfortunately, the Ecuadorian reality star no longer treats Ashley with the same care. He doesn’t call her his queen as often as he did before.

Manuel Calls Other Ladies “Beautiful” On Women’s Day

Manuel Says “I Love You” To Ashley

Manuel’s personality has changed over the years. Previously, he used to put all his attention on Ashley. However, reality TV fame has encouraged him to refer to other ladies and his fans. In March, Manuel wished everyone a happy women’s day. He wrote, “para todas esas bellas mujeres ..que disfruten este día,” which translated to, “for all those beautiful women.. enjoy this day.” While he also showed love to Ashley, it was still odd that he didn’t give her more attention. He only said he loved her and posted a rose emoji.

Manuel Gets A Lot Of Attention From Women Because Of His Cute Dog

Manuel Has Started To Love Ashley’s Pet

Manuel has an adorable dog, Rico, and loves showing it off on social media. It’s almost like he enjoys the attention he gets for being a caring dog dad. In March 2023, Manuel posted a video of himself cuddling with his puppy. He got hundreds of likes and comments from women who praised him for being so sweet. An Instagram user wrote, “rico sauve is so cute! Glad you are enjoying being a daddy!” Another user commented, “love that you are love rico.” Manuel has since posted many other videos featuring his pet.


90 Day Fiancé: How Manuel’s Mother’s Blessing For Him & Ashley Was Emotional

90 Day Fiancé star Manuel spoke with his mother in front of Ashley about his wedding. The Ecuadorian native seems ready to let Ashley meet his family.

90 Day Fiancé Franchise Cast Members Seem To Trust Manuel

Kobe Blaise Calls Ashley & Manuel “The Best” Couple

While Ashley’s family doesn’t trust Manuel, his co-stars still support him. Manuel shared a video in April featuring some of his cute photos with Ashley. He looked happy and received dozens of nice comments from fellow cast members. 90 Day Fiancé’s Kobe Blaise commented, “you guys are just the best,” supporting Manuel’s relationship with Ashley. Thaís Ramone commented with heart-eye emojis, and Sophie Sierra showed her support by liking the post.

It seems like Manuel’s co-stars do trust him regarding his relationship with Ashley. They know Manuel well and may have seen something in him that makes them support him.

Manuel Posts Cuddly Videos With Ashley

Has Manuel Embraced Ashley’s Family?

Manuel couldn’t impress Ashley’s loved ones in the show. However, his new posts show that he may have established some connections with her family and friends. Manuel posted a clip in April featuring some of his cozy moments with his wife. The video showed a few photos of him in a group with Ashley and her relatives. Most of the pictures showed Manuel and everyone else smiling.

It didn’t look like there was any animosity between Manuel and the others. They seem to have accepted him as Ashley’s husband.

Manuel’s post received a lot of attention from fans congratulating him for building better relationships in America. An Instagram user wrote, “so glad to see you build such a great connection in America,” adding that they’ve always supported him from day 1. Another commented, “how is your marriage coming along? hopefully it’s grown stronger each day.” While it’s hard to tell if all the people in the photos were Ashley’s relatives or friends, it’s still great to see Manuel taking time to bond with them. He helped his marriage by doing so.

Manuel Enjoys A Calm Married Life With Ashley

Ashley & Manuel Are Still Together In 2024

Manuel’s latest post from May 2024 suggests he’s enjoying a happy married life with Ashley. It features him smiling and singing a song in the car. The video shows Manuel and Ashley looking happy.

They both seem content with their relationship and have overcome their issues.

It’ll be interesting to see Manuel and Ashley’s journey concludes. Some 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? viewers think Manuel and Ashley will break up, but many supporters still believe in them and feel they’ll probably become a better couple now that they’re married and living together.

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