How Marketers Can Win on Reddit, From the Platform’s CMO

How Marketers Can Win on Reddit, From the Platform’s CMO

In this episode of The Speed of Culture, Matt Britton sits down with Roxy Young, chief marketing and consumer experience officer at Reddit. They discuss the importance of mission-driven work, leveraging community engagement for brand affinity, and utilizing AI to enhance user and advertiser experiences.

The landscape of social media and digital marketing is constantly evolving, and Reddit stands at the forefront of this transformation. As one of the top 10 internet sites globally, Reddit offers unique opportunities for brands to connect with highly engaged communities.

Britton explores these opportunities with Young, from how Reddit balances its mission-driven approach with commercial growth, to actionable insights for brands looking to thrive in today’s digital age.

Roxy Young was the first Latinx woman to join Reddit’s C-suite. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, Young has worked with major brands like Sephora, Gap and Netflix. At Reddit, she focuses on building brand recognition, relevance and reputation, aiming to make Reddit a daily destination for a diverse global audience. Roxy led Reddit’s award-winning consumer marketing campaigns, including the UpTheVote voter initiative and the viral 5-second Super Bowl commercial. Her innovative approach continues to drive Reddit’s growth and impact in the digital world.

“Community marketing is about inviting the community to be part of the conversation,” Young said. “It’s hard to do and comes with a little bit of risk, but when you do it, it far exceeds any expectations around winning people over and helping them understand and get a deeper level of engagement with your brand.”

Listen to Roxy Young on the Speed of Culture podcast and gain insights into community-driven marketing and leveraging Reddit for brand engagement.

Key takeaways:

00:00-02:10 Reddit’s Journey to Going Public — Young shares insights on Reddit’s journey to becoming a public company, emphasizing the rigorous preparation and discipline required. She explains how Reddit involved its community in the process, including offering shares to Reddit users. This inclusive approach aligns with Reddit’s mission and values, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. Brands should consider involving their communities in significant milestones to build trust and engagement.

02:10-05:58 Leveraging Community Engagement for Brand Affinity — Young highlights how brands can tap into passionate user groups, such as electric car enthusiasts and financial services forums, to foster deep engagement and build brand affinity. To leverage this potential, brands should create authentic, value-driven content that resonates with users and invites participation. By engaging meaningfully with Reddit communities, brands can significantly enhance loyalty and awareness, making Reddit a powerful platform for consumer connection.

05:58-08:20 The Concept of Community Marketing — Community marketing emphasizes the importance of inviting the community into the conversation. Young explains how this approach can lead to deeper brand engagement and affinity. For instance, inviting users to share their financial planning or favorite recipes can generate thousands of responses. Brands should embrace community marketing by encouraging co-creation and dialogue with their audience, resulting in stronger connections and higher brand recall.

11:02-13:09 Ensuring Brand Safety on Reddit — Addressing concerns about brand safety, Young outlines the multiple layers of protection on Reddit, including content policies, community rules and user voting systems. These measures ensure a controlled and safe environment for brands. For example, brands can choose to avoid certain types of content or categories that don’t align with their objectives.

13:19-17:16 The Role of AI in Enhancing User and Advertiser Experiences — Reddit is leveraging AI to improve moderation tools, user contributions, and advertising performance. Examples include AI-generated headline suggestions and enhanced targeting recommendations. AI also helps ensure user posts comply with community rules, making the experience smoother. Brands should explore AI technologies to streamline processes, enhance user experiences and improve advertising effectiveness. This approach ultimately reduces barriers to entry and increases efficiency.

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