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Pinterest is home to over 1 billion travel-related searches and 10 billion travel saves in one year, making it an interesting playground for discovering the year’s new trends.

A new report by Pinterest identified the new summer travel trends that travelers — and especially younger Gen Z travelers — are seeking out more than ever before.

Adventure travel is here to stay

Travelers are seeking out ways to satisfy a craving for adventure. Searches for adventure activities on Pinterest increased 45 percent from 2023, and the natural world is once again top-of-mind for many travelers. Adventure travel also brings a sense of personal growth and presents a different sort of challenge for many, making it a fun, bucket-list travel experience.

Luxury safari lodge interest has grown 110%, with trending adventure travel destination Tanzania growing 60% year over year, largely in part due to its safari adventures. Water park rides rose 170 percent, while train journeys and hiking trails also rose 900 and 94 percent, respectively. Additionally, activities like mountaineering, trekking, adventure camping and caving grew in interest by around 40 percent.

Travelers are also more interested in traveling to the Amazon rainforest: Searches for travel within the Amazon grew 120% from 2023.

Travelers are seeking quiet wellness escapes

Travelers on Pinterest are getting more and more interested in leaving behind the hustle and bustle culture for something quieter and more serene. Searches for “quiet life” skyrocketed 530% year over year, and searches for quiet travel have also shown an increase in interest.

Quiet places and calm places have risen 50% and 43% each. Travel journal pages increased by 155%, showing a greater interest in recording travel experiences and in wellness travel and activities.

Additionally, travelers are seeking out more information on village vibes (145% increase), cabins in the mountains (180%), countryside (60%), national parks (250%) and glamping aesthetics (260%) than they did last year.

Trending quiet life destinations include Okinawa, Japan (35% increase) and the English countryside (31% increase).

Travelers are seeking out the unexplored

Along with an interest in slower, less crowded travel experiences also comes a different sort of travel inspiration: seeking out mysterious places that provide a sense of wonder and exploration.

Interest in places on Earth that don’t feel real grew 240% year over year. Additionally, calming nature grew 340%; exploring abandoned places grew 230%; beautiful places in the world grew 150%; ancient cities grew 75% and haunted places grew 155%.

Top trending mysterious destinations that are seeing newfound popularity include Machu Picchu, which saw 190% growth in searches, and Edinburgh, Scotland, which saw a 56% growth.

Trending Gen Z summer destinations

Jasper, Canada, is this summer’s hottest destination for Gen Z travelers, who desire greater connection with the world around them, outside of their phones. Home to Jasper National Park, it’s a breathtaking place that promises ample exploration and adventure travel opportunities, along with great photography opportunities. Searches for Jasper grew 155% year over year.

Interest in learning about other destinations also grew from last year. London lifestyle grew 340%; South African food in particular rose 320%; Santorini party grew 300%; Goa nightlife grew 270%; and summer in Brazil rose 250%.


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