💝 Day 8 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I have pain and that’s okay

Tell Yourself:  I have pain and that’s okay.  Day 8 of the Self Confidence Challenge

Click HERE to join the Self Confidence Challenge! http://asksfi.com/scsGood morning and it’s great to see you!  Yesterday we closed week 1… and today!

We’re starting Week 2 of the Self Confidence Challenge and jumping in with both feet, 2 earlobes and an overflowing coffeecup as well.

Today’s chat is about pain.

You see, pain is a deeply personal thingee…. and never let anyone else tell you differently.

To wit:

See…. pain a hero’s journey… and everyone walks it in their own unique style.

On your travels towards developing self-confidence, chances are…. you’re going to experience pain of some sort.  It might be hourly, daily, every now and then, weekly, monthly….

You get the idea, right?

The thing is…

In many cases, you can choose how to feel the pain.

You might not be able to stop it…

… but you can mentally decide NOT to be destroyed by it.

  • Some physical pains feel better with medication.
  • Some emotional pains feel better with comfort food.
  • Some spiritual pains feel better by going outside and appreciating you have today in which to shine.

In the vast majority of non-physical pain (aka emotional pain, spiritual pain, etc.etc.etc.)….

… you can help yourself heal by:

  • Naming the pain (I generally call pains or fears etc. “Fluffy because fluffy).
  • Inviting the pain into your imaginary safe place (because in safe places, nothing can hurt you)
  • Talking thru whatever *caused* the non-physical pain (you can also talk with friends of course)

Ideally… you can come to peace and come to terms with what is paining you…. and let it go.

That happened to me this morning:

So how does this factor into self-confidence?

Lots of times, we fool ourselves into thinking that people who *appear* confident on the surface just don’t have normal emotions like the rest of us.

Nothing fazes them!  Nothing gets them down!

They never show pain!

Yep.  They might never show pain but mark my words…

Everyone has pain at sometime in their life.

It’s *ok* to have pain….

  • … to mourn that pain…
  • …. to honor that pain….
  • … and then to let that pain *go*.

You don’t have to clutch it to your chest and shriek, “This is MINE MINE MINE! and I’m NEVER forgetting it!!!”

No indeed.

It’s part of you and it’s okay.  You can give yourself permission….

…. to let it go…. when you’re ready to do so.



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