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💫 How To Increase Sales By Simplicity – PLR Reality LIVE

Discover today:  An Easy Way Increase Overall Sales


Today’s PLR Reality LIVE show….

…discusses that age-old question:

If you’re just starting out offering PLR to your current products, how should you structure the sales page?

To wit:

In a nutshell:

If you’re just starting out to offer PLR as an alternative to your launches….

…. BUT you’re not yet in the main PLR space …

…. AND the last offer on the sales page people see is your PLR price (which would probably be ‘way higher)….

You might lose buyers because they did NOT see your earlier, personal edition offer first.

That happened to me yesterday.

It was only after I pulled OFF the PLR options… that sales started to increase.


Because I was doing 2 things at once.

I was showing people HOW to make money…. AND ALSO showing they SELL the product themselves…. to an audience who mainly knew me as a product creator seller (and NOT a PLR seller).

Not good!

So I moved those options to:

What are the benefits here?

First, I thought I’d simply keep that as an upsell.

Then it was suggested to me…

First see the launch a success (ie proof of concept)…

…and THEN make a PLR-ONLY launch of the PLR!

So I pulled those pages off.

But the affiliate cookies will still be valid!

And if people buy from articles like this…

Their affiliates will be credited.

In essence:

Be CLEAR in your offers.  Don’t do too much… instead, take advantage of being able to create a second launch based off the first.

Good stuff!

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