🎯 Today’s Friend In Need Challenge: Do an ECR (Emergency Chocolate Run!)

Sometimes it’s tough to watch people you love… go through hard times.

I realized that yesterday, so I embarked upon an Emergency Chocolate Run….

And encouraged my fans to do the same!

I stopped at my local Shoprite and picked up 2 large Hershey’s with Almonds Bars


…. and a large Post It note pad….

… and 10 pens (the pack was cheaper!)…..

Then I spent some time crafting a note… and zoomed over to deliver the chocolate.

It had a very positive effect on the person in question.

Your takeaway?

You might be feeling lousy….

…. but raising the spirits of others will:

  • Help you stop fixating on your own issues
  • Pay things forward in the Universe by sharing goodness
  • Make people you care about… happy!

And that’s a very good thing indeed.


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