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Who doesn’t enjoy a little fictional romance to escape their busy and chaotic life? If you are an ardent lover of rom-coms and enjoy swoon-worthy moments between your male and female leads, scroll ahead to read more.

Stressed? Watch a rom-com. Depressed? Watch a rom-com. Happy? Get your hot chocolate and watch a rom-com. This is how one should enjoy a romantic comedy-drama. Since 2016, many K-dramas have been made based on gooey office romances featuring employee-boss and enemy-lover troupes. From Business Proposal to Strong Girl Bong-Soon and more – the list goes on.

Business Proposal (2022)

One of the most popular K-dramas from 2022 is Business Proposal. Starring Ahn Hyo-Seop and Kim Se-Jeong in the lead, the series revolves around their love story. The drama begins with some simple white lies that lead to a lot of chaos, and slowly, the main leads get into a place where they fall madly in love with each other. Ahn Hyo-Seop plays Kang Tae-Moo, the company’s CEO, where Shin Ha-Ri (Se-Jeong) works as an employee. The chemistry between Hyo-Seop and Se-Jeong is to die for, but don’t miss out on the second lead pair in the drama.

Stream the show on Netflix.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

Much like the Business Proposal, this drama also focuses on the office romance between Lee Young-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) and Kim Mi-So (Park Min-Young). In What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Seo-Joon plays the group’s vice president, while Min-Young portrays the character of his secretary. As the story unfolds, they find out they have a past trauma based on a childhood incident, and they have been linked since they were toddlers. The cute rom-com shows a beautiful chemistry between Seo-Joon and Min-Young.

The K-drama is available to stream on Netflix.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon (2017)

Strong Girl Bong-Soon is a K-drama revolving around Do Bong-Soon (Park Bo-Young), who has the special power of superstrength passed down to her by her generation. In a particular turn of events, she becomes the bodyguard of Ahn Min-Hyuk (Park Hyung-Sik), CEO of a company. And, slowly, they fall in love with each other. The series highlights a swoon-worthy romance along with a hint of thriller.

This cute rom-com can be streamed on Netflix.

She Would Never Know

She Would Never Know is a K-drama that shows pure love. The series, starring SF9’s Rowoon and Won Jin-Ah, revolves around their blossoming love story. Rowoon plays Chae Hyun-Seung, the junior employee, while Jin-Ah portrays Yoon Song-Ah, a senior employee of the same cosmetic company. However, Hyun-Seung falls in love with her and decides to express his feelings. He also finds out that Song-Ah’s boyfriend is cheating on her. They eventually come close and start a new relationship together. This cute love story is a must-watch.

Stream it on Netflix.

Today’s Webtoon

In this drama, Business Proposal star Kim Se-Jeong plays the lead female role, On Ma-Eum. She is a judo athlete who faces rock bottom after a major injury. However, she finds a job as a webtoon editor in a company where she meets with her co-worker, Go Joon-Young (Nam Yoon-Su). What starts as a simple friendship turns into an intense romantic relationship. How that happens is what the drama is all about.

You can enjoy this K-drama on Viki.

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