Pinterest’s Trend Report: a Bold, ‘Bridgerton’ Summer

Get ready: This summer is about to be the most bold and bright yet.

With a new season comes new trends, and Pinterest knows exactly what we’re all looking for—and pinning. The platform analyzed what its users have been searching as summer approaches and discovered “people are embracing a bold and fearless approach to showcasing their unique tastes and personalities across all facets of their lives.”

According its newest report, we specifically want: twists on traditional summer foods, memorable dinner parties, and eclectic decor choices that let us express our individuality.

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Channeling Your Inner Nancy Meyers

Searches for “dopamine decor,” aka surrounding yourself with furniture, art, and objects that make you happy, increased by 280%.

“People are yearning for spaces that burst with color, comfort, and character, reflecting their individual personalities and creating a welcoming sanctuary that feels uniquely their own,” reads a Pinterest press release. This is further proven with an uptick in searches for “grandma core bedroom,” “whimsical decor,” “vintage eclectic home,” and more.

And there’s nothing more dopamine inducing than the trending Nancy Meyers aesthetic: Searches for “Nancy Meyers living room” increased by more than 2,000%, while “Nancy Meyers bedroom,” “Nancy Meyers homes,” and “Nancy Meyers kitchen” skyrocketed in searches, too.

“Inspired by the timeless elegance of Nancy Meyers’ signature style and her ability to infuse warmth and sophistication into every space, individuals are drawn to eclectic vintage decor that tells a story and adds a sense of nostalgia and charm,” said a Pinterest press release.


Cheers to Dinner and Tea Parties

If binging the latest season of Bridgerton has you wanting to throw a classic high tea, you’re not alone—searches for “Bridgerton tea party” increased on Pinterest by 430%.

“People are turning to Pinterest to plan their summer entertaining and social activities, and searches for summer tea parties and themed dinner parties are on the rise,” reads its press release. “It seems that the new Bridgerton season and creative trending tea recipes and inspiring congregations centered around high tea and floral decor.”

So it makes sense tea drinks are replacing classic coffees, with a 550% increase in searches for “Persian tea,” and more interest in “matcha milk tea,” “strawberry ice tea,” “coco milk tea,” and “lemon ice tea.”

And it’s not just tea parties—everyone’s looking to throw special dinner parties this summer, too. The platform saw increases in “themed dinner party,” “fairy dinner party,” “Greek dinner party,” “Chinese dinner party,” “coastal dinner party,” and (of course) “vintage dinner party.”

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Spicing Up the Summer Menu

When Pinterest users are creating the menus for their high teas and themed dinners, they’re looking for fresh, innovative recipes.

“With searches for ‘fun things to cook’ and ‘summer special recipes’ increasing 1,060% and 135%, respectively, this summer is all about new twists on staple, healthy summer ingredients such as mango or avocado, reinvented sourdough recipes, or exciting new tea drinks as the ultimate summer sip,” the platform’s press release said.

Mangos and sweets have apparently become the dream dessert team: People searched for mango float by 3,700%, but they’re also looking for “mango sago,” “mango chia seed pudding,” “mango jelly,” “mango crepe.”

They’re learning new ways to eat avocado, specifically with “avocado bread,” “avocado ice cream,” and “avocado fries.”

It’s also possible users are getting nostalgic for 2020 (in some ways), looking up “sourdough experiments,” “sourdough bagels,” “chocolate sourdough,” “sourdough tortillas,” and more sourdough-related recipes.

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