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With an ever-increasing number of marketing channels available to businesses, it’s easy to underestimate the power of local SEO. As a leading provider of local SEO services, we often hear from companies that regret not focusing on local searches sooner. Whether you’re new to SEO or an established business considering where to allocate your marketing dollars, it’s always worthwhile to assess the importance of local SEO for your organization.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Local SEO Is Important for Businesses

Getting the top positions in search results for locally relevant search terms can help a business grow. Here are some of the reasons why local SEO is such an important strategy.

1. Local SEO Increases Search Visibility

Local SEO increases a business’ visibility across platforms where locality is crucial. By optimizing for local search, businesses show up prominently on Google and reach customers on the go. And while desktop users might not offer the same immediacy, the potential to capture customers while in the research and planning phase of a buying decision still exists.

2. Local Businesses Can Compete With Global Brands

The growth of local SEO represents a sizable opportunity for businesses to reach highly relevant consumers. For instance, rather than attempting to compete with big brands for broad keywords, local SEO encourages businesses to target niche industries with local relevance.

This hyperlocal approach is quite significant. For example, the recent American Express Small Business Saturday initiative saw an estimated $17 billion total spending on a single day. When surveyed, 61% said they are now likely to become regular customers of a small business.

3. Gain Traffic From Mobile Users

Mobile search is a perfect match for local SEO, connecting searchers with businesses in real time. When people use their mobile devices to find immediate solutions – whether a restaurant, store or service – they typically seek options close to their current location.

Local SEO companies help businesses enhance their visibility where it matters most, on Google Maps and in the Local Pack. When mobile users check these services for local results on the move, your business is displayed at the moment they are ready to make a decision.

4. Local SEO Capitalizes on Proximity

According to BrightLocal, 87% of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses. Many will search for services like retail stores or restaurants, receiving hyperlocal results due to Google prioritizing proximity. A Google Business Profile enhances this connection by categorizing businesses accurately, such as labeling a restaurant with the attribute “Italian.”

Effective listing management services help businesses refine their profiles, attracting the most relevant consumers to their offers without wasting time and money where it’s unlikely to deliver sales.

5. Local Is More Than Google

When you’re thinking about ranking and local searches, you can’t simply focus on Google. There’s a sizable group of users out there that uses Bing and other platforms to find local businesses.

Such “other platforms” include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram (and even TikTok) with the younger generations. This shows why it’s important for a local business to have a local marketing strategy that considers platforms most frequented by their target audience. In a nutshell, this explains why finding the best digital marketing agency is a must.

Access Results-Driven Local SEO Services for Businesses

Rocks Digital offers a range of first-rate local SEO services, listing management, PPC marketing and other business solutions. If you want to increase search visibility and reach more customers, count on our team of local SEO specialists. Call (214) 989-7549 or request a website evaluation now.

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