Musings on 2015 and onto 2016!


Tomorrow is 2016.

You know, for the most part… while character-building, this year was quite good indeed.

I feel myself becoming more… accepting… of just who I am and what I want to be.

It’s really tough to be fully ON 24×7…. so my decision to share my nonoptimalness with my fanbase was a very good one indeed.

The world really does need to know that it’s *okay* to be weak sometimes….

And that what you see online is often merely the “highlight” reel of someone’s peaks.

Never their valleys.

I guarantee you that all the ‘beautiful’ people in social media….

They have challenges just like you and me.

  • They might be undergoing a divorce….
  • Or challenges with their kids….
  • Or dealing with drama at the workplace….

It’s so easy to portray only the goodness in one’s life, while hiding the utter ickness.

And here’s something you can take away for 2016….

You control your destiny.

You are the one who can decide:

  • That you ARE worthy of love
  • That you CAN change careers
  • That you ARE meant for greatness

As a babyboomer, chances are there are times you feel like warmed-over heck.  Your joints might ache, your family might squabble…. your difficulties might seem relentless.

And that’s okay.  Give yourself permission to take a break when needed…. and remember that tomorrow is a fresh new day where you can make miracles happen.

Happy New Ear!

Grow strong,

Barb Ling

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