Q&A: Behind the scenes of Cointreau’s ‘Lime of Credit’ campaign for Cinco de Mayo

Mobile Marketing Magazine chats with Rémy Cointreau America’s, Vice President of Marketing for Crafted Spirits, Craig Sherman to discuss its latest Cinco de Mayo campaign, leveraging new technology and sustainable and ethical sourcing.

Recently, the company launched its Lime of Credit campaign for Cinco de Mayo, could elaborate on this?

“This year we wanted to shake up our Cinco de Mayo program by introducing the ‘Lime of Credit’ campaign, a refreshing twist on credit that offers consumers a chance to win real money to invest in the best-tasting Margaritas— those made with Cointreau.

“We have already seen promising great engagement from consumers to the Lime of Credit campaign across our socials, and strong interest in the sweepstakes, which saw a 127% increase in unique entries in the first 24 hours of going live compared with last year.

In the campaign, the company uses CGI technology, how much tech,such as AI, AR and VR,does the company incorporate in its operations and marketing? 

“Like many organisations across the Spirits Industry, we are beginning to understand the power and responsibility inherent in new technologies like AR and VR.

“Leveraging new and on-trend “CGI” graphics for the current ”Lime of Credit” campaign was a great way to create something thumb-stopping to draw more people to the campaign and one example of how the story-telling of marketing will continuously evolve in the face of new capabilities.”

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What are the key marketing strategies employed to promote Cointreau to consumers and businesses?  

“For Cointreau, our overarching brand platform “Cointreau Changes Everything” is rooted in the notion that a delicious cocktail made with Cointreau can elevate any moment—whether it be an at-home gathering, a party, or out at a favourite bar or restaurant. With the Margarita being the #1 cocktail consumed across the US and Cointreau being a named ingredient in the original recipe, we continue to look for fresh ways to encourage consumers to have a Margarita that is truly transformative.

“This year, for Cinco de Mayo, we have launched the “Cointreau Lime of Credit” campaign. As more Margaritas are consumed during Cinco de Mayo than any other time of year, it represents the perfect opportunity to get better Margaritas in the hands of consumers so their Cinco de Mayo festivities will be even more memorable.”

Can you discuss any successful marketing campaigns or initiatives that have significantly impacted the brand’s presence in the Spirits market?

“Cointreau can be used in literally hundreds of drink recipes, but our communication efforts focus on cocktails that naturally fit into peak spirits seasons, and this Cinco de Mayo is all about The Margarita.

“As an essential and named ingredient in The Original Margarita, Cointreau continues to celebrate The Margarita and creatively evolve dedicated marketing campaigns year after year.

“Last year, Cointreau partnered with Aubrey Plaza to launch the “MargaRight” campaign, insisting that the only way to enjoy a Margarita is the MargaRight way, and that is with Cointreau, tequila and fresh lime juice. The campaign saw record results and is considered a strong success.

How does Cointreau leverage digital marketing channels to engage with consumers and drive brand awareness?

“As consumers’ consumption habits evolve, we continuously assess the landscape to understand how to best reach our consumers. Digital marketing channels are a key vehicle for our programs and communicating with our target audience.

“With Connected TV and streaming platforms continuing to grow in viewership, Cointreau integrates these mediums into our high-impact video buys to drive quality reach and brand awareness. We also leverage digital platforms to drive conversion, including accelerated efforts in the ecommerce space.

In what ways does the brand incorporate storytelling into its marketing efforts for Cointreau? 

“Cointreau has a history of cinematic storytelling over the years. When developing communications about The Margarita, we continue to look for new ways to express the story of its origin.

“Cointreau is an essential ingredient in The Original Margarita, and has been for 75 years, since Dallas socialite Margarita Sames created the recipe in 1948 and said “a Margarita without Cointreau is not worth its salt.”

“Telling this story in a fresh and relevant way has been key to our marketing efforts.”

How do sustainability and ethical sourcing play a role in the marketing strategy for Cointreau? 

“As Cointreau’s rich history continues to evolve, so does the brand’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Cointreau’s commitment can be seen in key actions already taken, including investing in protecting biodiversity and contributing to the health of orange trees, as well as local initiatives at the France distillery including powering the production site with 100% renewable energy since 2017, recycling 100% of annual waste at the distillery, and ensuring 100% of the peel used during distillation is composted.

“Lastly, the iconic Cointreau bottle is eco-designed and made from up to two-thirds recycled glass with no secondary packaging.”

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