18 Advertising Agencies In Washington, D.C. To Know

It’s no secret the digital world has evolved significantly over the past few years. While the rise of mobile communication seemed to be the biggest game changer in the ad world, more recent social media-fueled fads like influencer marketing have proven to be the most challenging — albeit successful — advertising exploits. As advertising continues to transform, it’s becoming more important for advertisers to dabble in new mediums in order to resonate with mobile-first consumers. Cisco’s annual internet report predicted that video will become the prioritized medium within the coming years, while projected video ad spend is slated to reach $17 billion. Just as streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have nearly rendered cable TV obsolete, digital advertising strategies have almost entirely superseded print ad solutions of the past. 

In Washington, D.C., where advertising is often met with fierce political banter, the ad game bears more urgency. The nation’s capital is certainly no stranger to the concept of competition, making it an undisputed leader in the advertising realm. Across the city, agencies are concocting creative ways to help businesses keep up with tech savvy audiences. Working with both local and international brands, these agencies are offering services like digital advocacy, virtual event management and market research to help clients across Washington and elsewhere share their messages with the world and make an impact. Here’s a look at 18 advertising agencies in Washington helping brands put their audiences first through groundbreaking digital strategies.

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Advertising Agencies in Washington DC to Know

  • REQ
  • The AD Agency
  • Innate
  • Niftic Agency
  • Fifth Tribe
  • Bluetext
  • Advoc8
  • Berman and Company



Founded: 2008

What they do: REQ is a digital advertising agency that caters to corporations, nonprofits and government organizations. The agency’s solutions encompass brand strategy, data and analytics, digital advocacy, reputation management, public relations, mobile advertising, social media management and search marketing. REQ’s mission is to help clients acclimate to the rapidly changing media landscape. 

Who they work with: StubHub, Sweetgreen, Mastercard, eBay, Qlarion, Intel and PayPal. 


Bluetext advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Bluetext

Founded: 2011

What they do: Bluetext is a digital agency that helps clients connect with key audiences and enhance their brands. The agency focuses on branding, content marketing, product design and development, research and analytics, WordPress development, video, 3D design and crisis communications. Bluetext works with clients from a wide range of industries such as cybersecurity, aerospace and defense, healthcare, logistics and real estate.

Who they work with: Google, DeWalt, Adobe, Hughes, Cisco, Citrix, Georgetown University and Georgia-Pacific. 


Taoti Creative advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Taoti Creative

Founded: 1996

What they do: Taoti Creative is a full-service, boutique creative ad agency that works with clients from a wide range of sectors. The agency’s suite of services encompasses website and mobile app development, copywriting, video and animation, paid media, experiential marketing, brand positioning and messaging, virtual events, and customer journeys. Taoti Creative is guided by its belief in the power of collaborative storytelling to drive impact and change minds.

Who they work with: U.S. Figure Skating, Ballast Research, Farm Credit Council and Trust for the National Mall. 


Mothership Strategies advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Mothership Strategies

Founded: 2014

What they do: Mothership Strategies is a digital advertising and fundraising agency that works specifically with Democratic organizations and campaigns. The agency specializes in grassroots advocacy, online fundraising, social media, web design, email marketing, lead acquisition, branding and web strategy. Mothership Strategies’ aim is to rally millions of supporters and build the biggest brands in progressive politics.

Who they work with: End Citizens United, Save Animals Facing Extinction and Progressive Turnout Project.


SKDKnickerbocker advertising agencies Washington, D.C.SKDKnickerbocker

Founded: 1993

What they do: SKDK provides strategic advertising services to national and international companies, nonprofits, elected officials and advocacy organizations. The agency’s specialties include strategic communications, digital influence, crisis communications, research, political consulting and executive communications. SKDK is dedicated to helping its clients manage crises, protect their brands, advocate issues and win elections.

Who they work with: US Airways, Gillette, The Rockefeller Foundation and The Campaign for Marriage Equality. 


MDB Communications advertising agencies Washington, D.C.MDB Communications

Founded: 1981

What they do: MDB Communications is a full-service, independent agency dedicated to building clients’ brands, promoting their products and meeting their objectives. The agency offers a wide range of services including market research, strategic planning, media planning and buying, creative rationale and execution, public relations, account management and consulting, and social media marketing. MDB Communications’ client base spans a variety of sectors such as higher education, media, hospitality and finance.

Who they work with: Politico, American University, Kiplinger, Fannie Mae and Boston Market. 


The AD Agency advertising agencies Washington, D.C.The AD Agency

Founded: 1982

What they do: The AD Agency is a full-service advertising, design and public relations firm that specializes in various aspects of advertising. Working with local, national and international clients, the agency offers services such as market research, creative process and analysis, media buying, brand building, corporate identities, video and film production, direct response advertising, website design and programming, and product launches. The AD Agency is dedicated to building and positioning brands and maximizing clients’ exposure and results.

Who they work with: Aetna, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Chevy Chase Land Company and CBRE Realty. 


CRAFT | Media/Digital advertising agencies Washington, D.C.CRAFT | Media/Digital

Founded: 2010

What they do: Founded by Brian Donahue, CRAFT | Media/Digital is an advertising and advocacy agency committed to creating innovative strategies that incite action. The agency’s specialties include digital advertising, issue advocacy, online grassroots engagement, online fundraising, media strategy and concept development, print and digital collateral, reputation management, conversation monitoring and television guest booking. CRAFT’s mission is to help its global client base sell products, propose ideas and leverage influence.

Who they work with: Accenture, Hilton, United Technologies and National Association of Realtors. 


Niftic Agency advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Niftic Agency

Founded: 2015

What they do: Niftic Agency boasts a team of creators, strategists and engineers dedicated to creating positive interactions in the world. Their services include branding, UI / UX design and conversion rate optimization. Niftic Agency’s aim is to combine user psychology and strategy to help amplify local voices and create impactful community change. 

Who they work with: The North Face, Change.org, Kx Advisors, National Geographic and Sentry Financial. 


Fifth Tribe advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Fifth Tribe

Founded: 2012

What they do: Fifth Tribe is a digital agency that offers advertising solutions to businesses, nonprofits and government organizations. The agency is committed to creating and launching brands and digital platforms, offering services like product design, prototyping, kiosk presentations, responsive web design, market entry strategy and SEO. For past projects, Fifth Tribe has developed interactive campaigns, e-commerce websites, landing pages, visual dashboards and more.

Who they work with: Peace Corps, District BBQ, KPMG, Regency Furniture and Vemo Education. 


Admirable Devil advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Admirable Devil

Founded: 2016

What they do: Admirable Devil is a creative agency dedicated to helping brands break out, grow business and incite positive change. With a focus on digitally integrated advertising, the agency specializes in creating B2B campaigns, national TV spots, multi-year campaigns and more. Admirable Devil works with brands from a wide range of industries including retail, aviation, consumer goods and tech.

Who they work with: Guinness, HP, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, American Airlines and Samsung. 


PSB advertising agencies Washington, D.C.PSB

Founded: 1975

What they do: PSB is a full-service strategic consultancy that offers custom research and analytics-based advertising solutions. Working with both global brands and local businesses, the agency provides a variety of services such as reputation and brand management, customer understanding, crisis management, thought leadership, products and insights, and B2B stakeholder engagements. PSB’s aim is to create human insights that inspire leaders to make more informed decisions with confidence.

Who they work with: Insurance companies, entertainment service providers, Fortune 500 retailers, commercial tech companies, food producers and pharmaceutical companies. 


Berman and Company advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Berman and Company

Founded: 1987

What they do: Berman and Company is a research, communications and advertising firm that focuses on government affairs. The agency specializes in media outreach, design and development, public service announcements, ad creation and media buying, social media, video production, research, and media training. Berman and Company is committed to delivering effective messaging, aggressive communications and creative advertising.

Who they work with: The Humane Society of the United States, American Beverage Institute and The National Aquarium. 


Blue Advertising advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Blue Advertising

Founded: 2001

What they do: Blue Advertising is an advertising agency that specializes in public affairs and advocacy advertising. The agency’s services encompass industry positioning, corporate image advertising, cross-platform digital ad creation, media planning and placement, and multimedia campaigns. Blue Advertising’s aim is to develop strategic campaigns that raise awareness, frame public discussions and engage audiences.

Who they work with: American Petroleum Institute, Monsanto, GE Aviation and American Heart Association. 


The New Media Firm advertising agencies Washington, D.C.The New Media Firm

Founded: 2007

What they do: Founded by Will Robinson and Tierney Hunt, The New Media Firm is a digital advertising agency that focuses on political strategies. The agency offers services such as message development, media training, debate preparation, social networking, digital advertising, traditional media placement, competitive tracking, media integration, and behavioral and demographic targeting. The New Media Firm’s mission is to help candidates and organizations manage an ever-changing and increasingly hostile media landscape.

Who they work with: Federal and local political campaigns and education associations. 


Advoc8 advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Advoc8

Founded: 2016

What they do: Advoc8 is a full-service creative agency committed to influencing and driving audiences. The agency offers a wide range of services including event management, brand identity, filming and editing, web and mobile app design, promotional products, audience insights and brand strategy. Advoc8’s past projects include anniversary celebrations and immersive experiences.

Who they work with: YouTube, CNN, Google, Axios and Association of Equipment Manufacturers. 


Elevation, Ltd. advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Elevation, Ltd.

Founded: 2002

What they do: Elevation, Ltd. is an advertising agency that focuses on multicultural advertising strategies. Serving clients in both the private and public sectors, the agency offers a variety of services including campaign development, brand identity, strategy insights, political campaign strategy and demographic targeting. Elevation, Ltd. currently oversees campaigns throughout the Western Hemisphere in multiple languages.

Who they work with: Canon, Ad Council, American Lung Association and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 


Washington Media Group advertising agencies Washington, D.C.Washington Media Group

Founded: 2005

What they do: Washington Media Group is a full-service strategic communications firm that offers a wide range of advertising strategies. The agency offers services such as earned media, discreet opposition research, competitive analysis, crisis communications, reputation management, and podcast and video production. Washington Media Group assists clients from a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, finance, tech, education and public health.

Who they work with: MetLife, The Blackstone Group, World Wildlife Fund, Exelon and KBR. 



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