Interview: TCL UK&I Country Director William Paterson on ‘humanising’ and ‘democratising’ technology

As new technology continues to advance, there’s one company that stands out for its commitment to making these innovations accessible to everyone.

Meet TCL Mobile, led by Country Director, William Paterson, who oversees operations in the UK and Ireland.

Paterson has been with the company for over 25 years and has a career spanning over three decades in the mobile industry.

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“We’ve diversified our product range to include smartphones, feature phones, tablets, mobile broadband, and more. Our focus is on democratising technology, making it accessible to everyone,” Paterson tells Mobile Marketing Magazine.

On democratising technology

Central to TCL Mobile’s ethos is the concept of democratising technology.

This vision drives the electronic company’s efforts to make cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or financial status.

In a market dominated by established brands, its challenge in the UK lies in carving out a niche while appealing to diverse consumer segments, Paterson reveals.

“We believe that everyone should have the ability to communicate with the outside world, connect with friends and family, and stay informed about global events without having to break the bank on expensive smartphones,” he says.

“Our motivation stems from a core belief that everyone deserves access to connectivity. This philosophy aligns with our broader vision of humanising technology.

“By prioritising accessibility and user experience, we aim to empower individuals to seamlessly integrate technology into their lives.”

On influencer engagement 

To reach its audience effectively, TCL Mobile leverages social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Collaborations with influencers and partnerships with organisations like Motherwell Football Club further amplify its brand presence.

“As a member of the Premier League in Scotland, they [Motherwell Football Club] stand out as a community-based football club with a remarkable distinction — being the first fan-owned club in Britain.

“Their exceptional work within the community aligns seamlessly with our mission of democratising technology,” Paterson notes.

“Motherwell’s initiatives transcend the football pitch, addressing social issues in one of Europe’s most deprived areas. Their efforts resonate deeply with our commitment to making technology accessible to all.

“By partnering with Motherwell, we not only gain valuable exposure and content but also contribute to meaningful social impact, reinforcing our vision for a more inclusive technological landscape.”

However, TCL’s marketing strategy isn’t just about promotion—it’s also about sustainability.

On sustainable and environmental responsibility

Sustainability lies at the core of TCL Mobile’s approach, Paterson states.

As a result, he reveals the company refurbish demonstration products from stores and distributes them to communities in need, aligning their business goals with social and environmental responsibility.

“When the older models are replaced with our new ones, typically, those demonstration tablets or phones are removed from the store. Previously, these devices would have been disposed of, contributing to environmental waste.

“However, we’ve taken a proactive approach by retrieving these devices from retailers and networks. Instead of allowing them to end up in landfills, we refurbish them through one of our partners.”

He adds: “Once refurbished, these devices are reintroduced into the community, serving a new purpose and making a positive impact.

“It’s a small but significant step in our ongoing commitment to sustainability and making a difference in the communities we serve.”

On future trends

Looking ahead, Paterson predicts increased integration in AI technology.

Despite previous mobile models already incorporating AI, for example, advanced camera features, he attributes this decision to challenges the brand faces in the UK market, which is “to carve out a niche among dominant brands while offering a wide range of products to appeal to different segments.”

He also believes the future will see a rise in 5G adoption and adds segments like smart glasses offer new avenues for expansion, reflecting the brand’s ongoing “innovation and adaptation to market trends”, he concludes.

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