Interview: Candy Crush Marketing VP on unwrapping the sweet success of mobile marketing

King’s Candy Crush Saga has become one of the biggest games on the mobile market, having entertained players across the globe for over a decade.

Not only has it become a household name, but the app has also mastered the task of keeping its vast audience base engaged.

“Our main objective is to create the constant conversation with players,” Candy Crush Saga’s Vice President of Marketing, Luken Aragon tells Mobile Marketing Magazine.

From a marketing perspective, the brand’s focus is on implementing a “players-first” and “mobile-first” mobile marketing strategy, he claims.

The mobile game, developed and owned by King, was initially launched in 2012 via Facebook, now Meta, before being released for mobile devices shortly after.

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On creating moments of joy

Aragon explains that the game, which has over 200 million active users, is an experience designed to provide moments of joy and relaxation for players.

As a result, the game caters to a diverse audience, offering an experience that allows players to enjoy short sessions or immerse themselves in longer gameplay.

“Candy Crush is a real proposition for players to enjoy moments for themselves, to take a step back and relax”, he says. “We have very different types of players, people who play for a few minutes, whilst commuting for example, and people who enjoy a longer session.

“Our mission is to entertain and simply create a moment of fun,” Aragon states.

On building strong brand partnerships

One standout feature of the gaming giant’s marketing strategy is its successful brand partnerships.

Previously, Candy Crush partnered with pop star Meghan Trainor to release her latest single in the game.

It also debuted the Jonas Brothers “Summer Baby” and “Sail Away” exclusively for 24 hours before the tracks were available to stream anywhere else. Alongside this, bandmates Kevin, Joe and Nick were also transformed into “Candified” characters and immersed in the Candy Kingdom to celebrate the mobile game’s Music Season.

However, one of the brand’s most lucrative and eye-catching collaborations was its pink-filled partnership with the most anticipated movie of the summer, Barbie.

Days before the film hit cinemas, Candy Crush launched in-game Barbie experiences, which featured exclusive accessible-only content to its users.

Aragon highlights the collaboration with Barbie, which not only gained visibility for the game but also introduced refreshing, exciting content for players.

These partnerships, generating billions of views and engagements, showcase Candy Crush’s commitment to bringing unique and unexpected experiences to its players, he notes.

On innovative campaigns and player engagement

“We try to bring the best content for players. It is a players-first approach where we want to create something different,” he says.

From its ‘All Stars’ competitions to player-involved seasons, Candy Crush constantly evolves based on player feedback.

Aragon reveals how the game’s marketing team listens to player suggestions, incorporating them into the gaming experience.

He explains: “We are also trying to innovate and work closely with products, having a very product-centric approach, where we constantly listen to what players say to bring new experiences.”

“One of our biggest objectives as a brand is to constantly surprise players and listen to what they want and expect in an unexpected manner.”

On balancing user experience and revenues

As a free-to-play game, Candy Crush is used to juggle user experience with revenue generation.

Aragon emphasises the brand’s commitment to providing a quality experience for all players, whether they choose to make in-app purchases or not.

“Candy Crush is an experience in which you can 100% enjoy for free”, he stresses.

However, according to the VP of marketing, at its core, the company aims to “maximise the quality of the experience”.

He says: “Some people decide to use our paid services as part of their experience. But ultimately, our main focus is to deliver a player-first approach where the experience is positive for everyone.”

On staying ahead of trends

Candy Crush Saga has built a robust community around its brand, leveraging its strong reputation to unlock new opportunities, Aragon reveals. He explains how the brand is actively seeking key partners who align with its values, creating a vibrant and engaged player community.

“What’s important, as a brand is the experience you provide first. What Candy Crush does well is focus on product proposition and our mobile marketing strategy is critical to do that,” he states.

“We create that constant conversation with the players to make sure they are having fun”.

He claims, the company is also unlocking opportunities to make sure its audiences are enjoying the experience.

“We really try to create the best content for players and what’s impressive is the loyalty, engagement and recognition we get,” he concludes.

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