What is it and how does it work?

After all, what is Eduzz and how does it work? In this article, we will explain what it is for, how to sign up, and how to make money with this platform for affiliates and producers.

Many people want to work online since remote work is now a reality, but some don’t know where to start. Fortunately, there are some digital tools that make it easier for those who want to start a business entirely online. Thus, the Eduzz platform is one of the examples.

However, the problem is that many people have heard about Eduzz, but still have many questions. Therefore, this article will explain what it is, how it works. In addition, we will see if it is reliable and if it is really worth it.

Eduzz - What is it and how does it work?Eduzz – Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Eduzz?

Eduzz is a platform for selling info-products (digital products) and physical products. It makes it easy for the seller to expand his business without leaving home since the marketing and advertising procedures are performed over the Internet.

In addition, Eduzz makes it possible for someone to join a product to sell and receive a commission for each sale they make. In this way, it acts, through its affiliates, as a mediator between the producer and the consumer.

The Eduzz platform was created to compete with other large companies such as Hotmart, for example, which is in the same segment.

How does Eduzz work?

Eduzz works for three different profiles: producers, affiliates, and consumers.


For those who have products of their own and want to market them, they can use the Eduzz platform. There are tools for producers to have a good engagement and increase their sales.

In addition, through affiliates, producers can have their products promoted, which helps leverage sales.


For those who want to sell third-party products, a good option available at Eduzz is to be an affiliate. In this way, the producer launches a product and the affiliate sells and earns a commission for each sale.

At Eduzz there are several tools to make it possible to advertise the products that someone has affiliated with, which makes it easier to reach the clientele.


They are the ones who make purchases through the platform.

How to register and use the platform?

Signing up for the Eduzz platform is very simple. The first step is to access the ->Eduzz website. After that, go to the “sign up” option at the top right of the screen. After that, you will be redirected to another page, where you will find the option “Create an account”.

From there you will be able to register your data: name, e-mail, and password. Then just check the option that you accept the terms and uses of the Eduzz platform and click on “sign up”.

By following these steps, your registration will be completed.

How to sell as an affiliateHow to sell as an affiliateHow to sell as an affiliate

How to sell as an affiliate?

To sell as an Eduzz affiliate, you will need, after registering, to affiliate with the products you are interested in selling.

This way, you will generate the link of the chosen product, since each link is unique for each of the affiliates. It is through the link that the platform identifies who made the sale.

To access the link, you must go to the “Affiliates” option and then to “My Affiliations”.

From there, choose the product you want and click on “Publish”. When you complete these steps, you will be redirected to another screen containing 4 types of links for you to choose from. These are

  • Producer link: these are page campaigns, which are created by the producer;
  • Affiliate link: this is about campaigns created by other affiliates for a certain product;
  • My links: here are the campaigns that you, affiliate, have done (or will do);
  • Eduzz links: this is the standard campaign developed by the platform itself.

You can choose one of these links to start selling. It is important to emphasize that if one of these options does not appear it is because they have not yet made a campaign for it.

This way, when you get the link, you will be able to sell as an affiliate. To do this, you must publicize your link so that it reaches the right audience. Be it on social networks, blogs, e-mail, or even through videos on YouTube.

Best selling products on Eduzz

The Eduzz site evaluates the quality of its products through stars. The stars are exposed in all the best-selling and best-valued products within the platform. This way it is possible for the user to see which niches are the best sellers.

There are some niches that stand out in Eduzz and that conquer many sales. See below:

  • Training: Eduzz sells many courses that offer training. Examples: courses in eyebrow design, crafts, makeup, among many others.
  • Making money fast: Courses, e-books, and workshops that teach entrepreneurs how to profit from services sell well. Examples: Online Enrichment Formula and Awaken Millionaire.
  • Education: The education niche is also successful on Eduzz. So, if you want a book on how to pass a public exam or even buy a course to learn a language, this is the right place. Thus, the producers and affiliates sell many courses, video lessons, and several e-books, for example.
  • Traffic: Everything that concerns traffic on online sales sites, with the aim of increasing sales, is well sought after at Eduzz. Thus, courses and e-books about traffic are well sold. Examples: Avalanche Sales Methods and Top Affiliates.

Is Eduzz reliable?Is Eduzz reliable?Is Eduzz reliable?

Is Eduzz reliable?

Some people who learn about the existence of the Eduzz platform are in doubt and ask themselves: Is Eduzz reliable? This doubt is quite common for any new product that appears in the digital market.

This happens not only with Eduzz, but also with Hotmart and other similar companies. But despite the doubt, Eduzz is reliable.

It offers very secure tools and good support. Moreover, many digital entrepreneurs use the platform as a way to expand their business.

Is it worth being an Eduzz affiliate?

Many people wonder if being an Eduzz affiliate is worth it. To answer this question it is important to know your goals. So, if you want to have a variety of physical and digital products available to sell through a reliable platform, the answer is yes.

In addition, it is worthwhile to join Eduzz for people working in the field of digital marketing, whether beginners or professionals. For it is possible to advertise in digital media, whether in social networks, websites, or even YouTube channels.

This way, you can reach your audience and generate sales. For these and other reasons it pays to be an Eduzz affiliate.


Eduzz has been one of the sales platforms for digital and physical products that enable sellers to expand their business without having to leave home.

But like anything new in the digital market, many people have doubts about its reliability. Fortunately, Eduzz is reliable and has been useful for many entrepreneurs who have made the Internet their source of income.

Certainly, many people have turned to the possibilities that Eduzz provides. Thus, producers have put their products for sale on the platform. And online entrepreneurs have been earning money as affiliates.

In turn, consumers have found the physical and digital products they need. Therefore, it is worthwhile for all profiles.

Therefore, after knowing what Eduzz is and how it works, it is much easier to enjoy all the benefits that this modern platform brings.

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