How to make money fast in GTA 5

From the thrill of driving expensive cars to the prestige of owning luxury offices, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a world where everything comes at a price. To thrive in Los Santos, you’ll need all the cash you can get, and the game’s many rewarding features are here to help. Here’s how to make money fast in GTA 5, including GTA Online. 

Best ways to make money fast in GTA 5

To make money fast in GTA 5, use the following methods:

  • Rob stores and armored trucks
  • Purchase stocks
  • Win Street Races
  • Complete Story Mode Heists

In GTA 5 Story Mode, you can unlock Franklin’s Street Races after the Strangers and Freaks mission. Winning races provides $20,000, which will undoubtedly stack up over time. You can also try your hand at the stock market via the Liberty City exchange or BAWSAQ sections. Go to your phone’s Money and Services section to buy a few stocks, and you might get the chance to earn millions or even billions of dollars.

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Heists in GTA 5 are a goldmine for cash, potentially adding up to millions of dollars. You can participate in the Story Mode Heists, ending with The Big Score’s hefty amount of $41 million. Robbing stores and armored trucks can also be a quick way to get cash. It’s not as substantial as heists, but it can at least get your foot in the door.

Best ways to make money fast in GTA Online

GTA Online presents a few different ways to earn cash, including these activities:

  • Earn double rewards in GTA Online events
  • Complete heists
  • Spin the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino and Resort
  • Participate in Contact Missions
  • Become a CEO
  • Own a nightclub

One of the most promising avenues for easy money in GTA Online is the Diamond Casino and Resort in East Vinewood. By investing in a Standard Membership of $500, you open the door to potentially lucrative rewards. To find the casino, simply place a marker on it via your phone’s Internet tab (there will be a section for it there).  

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Look for the Lucky Wheel icon on the mini-map for a chance to win prizes. You may be lucky enough to win up to $50,000 cash prizes. However, since the casino route doesn’t always guarantee money, heists can be another good way to increase money intake. 

Open your phone’s Quick Join app to participate in Heists, such as The Doomsday Heist, Diamond Casino Heist, and The Cayo Perico Heist. 

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While in the same Quick Join menu, you can discover various Contact Missions. Quests like Auto Shop Robberies can give you substantial money, especially for beginner players. Basically, anything in the Quick Join menu is your one-stop shop for cash. 

Double reward events are another excellent way to earn money fast in GTA Online. These events, hosted by Rockstar Games on a weekly basis, typically provide more RP, cash, and discounts. During these durations, the rewards for completing certain missions or activities are doubled, allowing you to earn more money in a shorter time. For instance, completing Superyacht Life Missions earns you a bonus of $100,000 within its active period. Check out the GTA Online News section to see what modes include double rewards. 

As you progress, consider purchasing businesses to significantly boost your daily income. CEOs can make roughly $150,000 per hour through Special Cargo, Vehicle Cargo, and VIP/CEO challenges. Even more impressively, nightclub owners can get up to one million dollars daily. Remember, participating in the smaller-stakes missions mentioned above is a crucial stepping stone to afford these lucrative investments. 

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