14 Expert Tips for Building a Successful Personal Brand

In so many areas of culture, building a successful personal brand is key to getting ahead. Who you are, what you’re known for and what value you provide to others all play a role in creating your brand, and those who create positive ones are likely to find more opportunities coming their way.

But creating a personal brand isn’t as simple as some may think. It requires intentionality and a deep understanding of self to get started. Here, 14 leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council share some of the other steps you’ll need to take if you want to build a successful personal brand, in life and in business.

Start With ‘Why’

Remember Simon Sinek? Start with why. Personal branding starts with purpose and passion. Explain and show what you are about and why. Don’t rely on social media alone — it will only show a very fragmented part of your personal brand. What would your Wikipedia page or bio say and why? – Igor Beuker, Igor Beuker

Deliver Excellent Value Consistently

Demonstrate your unique skills and values through consistent excellence in your work. Authenticity fosters trust and attracts opportunities, enabling you to differentiate yourself and excel in your career. Consistently delivering value builds your reputation and opens doors to advancement and success in your chosen field. – Matthew Miller, Orlando Informer

Align Your Expertise With Your Passion

Don’t spend time working out what will make sense on paper. Find the alignment between your expertise and passion, and go with that. If you overthink it, you’ll spend too much time turning your wheels. If it’s not what you are excited about, people can easily tell. – Steven Le Vine, GVG Agency

Engage in Thought Leadership Online

Build your own brand by investing in thought leadership on professional networks online. One key platform for this is LinkedIn. Stay active and engaged by building your LinkedIn profile, adding your experience and features, and creating a personal brand that demonstrates your expertise. Be sure to post regularly, comment on industry professionals’ posts and share your knowledge! – Dan Serard, Cannabis Creative Group

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Find the Center of Your Personal Venn Diagram

There’s never been anyone else quite like you. What one-of-a-kind Venn diagram does your professional history, personal interests, life experiences and identities make? The center of that diagram is your personal brand. – Amanda McLoughlin, Multitude

Live Your Values Every Day

One of the best ways to build a personal brand is to be genuine and walk the walk. For your brand to be sustainable and appealing, you need to do more than simply cultivate an image; you need to live your values and the values of your company. Customers can tell when your brand aligns with who you are, and they will respond positively to your authenticity. – Evan Nison, NisonCo

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Figure Out What You Want to Be Known For

Have you thought about how you would want people to speak about you when you are not in the room? This “brand message” should be consistent. Take the time to build out what you want to be known for professionally and personally. Personal branding is not only about what work you do, the people you surround yourself with or your behavior; it’s also about what you wear and how you present yourself. – Angelique Kuiper, Resonance

Give Respect to Get Respect

I’ve been part of nonprofit outreaches for years, including working with many members of gang organizations. A common saying on the streets is, “You’ve got to give respect to get respect.” This is true from tough environments through to the boardroom. Lead with respect. Make it a central part of your brand. Figure out how to show respect in each environment, and incredible doors will open for you. – Jed Brewer, Good Loud Media


Reach Out to Your Peers for Help

Personal branding doesn’t mean branding alone, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Gather your creative, supportive and qualified team that knows and understands not only your goals and ultimate mission but also your unique personality and core values. They will offer you critical feedback and reliable insights. – Magen Baker, Bell + Ivy

Pledge to Stand by Your Word

When building a brand, integrity is your most valuable asset. My journey toward building a sustainable salon taught me a hard but invaluable lesson: Compromising your values for short-term gain is betraying others and yourself. Pledge to stand by your word, even when faced with the toughest choices; it’s the foundation upon which successful brands are built. Your brand reflects who you are. – Kelley Swing, Head Case Hair Studio

Think ‘What,’ ‘Who,’ ‘How’ and ‘Why’

Start small: What do you do and who do you help? For example, I help business owners and entrepreneurs be seen and heard to make a bigger impact on this world by helping them build credibility, authority and visibility in the media. From there, you can build your brand by answering questions like, “How and why do you achieve your ‘what’ and ‘who’?” – Victoria Chynoweth

Consider How New Opportunities Fit in Your Brand Story

Think of your brand development like a book with several chapters, each building upon the previous one. When considering new opportunities, ask yourself how they fit into the larger story of the brand that you are creating. Do they reflect your core beliefs and support your worldview? Can you make them uniquely your own? It will help you create something that is both urgent and distinctive. – Michael Klein, cannabisMD


Define Your Unique Value Proposition

Start by defining your unique value proposition and core values. Consistently share authentic content that reflects your expertise and personality across relevant platforms. Engage with your audience, offering value and building trust. A strong personal brand sets you apart and makes you unique, opening doors to opportunities and career advancement. – Sonia Singh, Center of Inner Transformations

Focus on Authenticity and Integrity

Without authenticity and integrity, nothing will work. Some leaders are flashy, and some are quiet. Some are bookish, and others are rough. But those are their personal styles. What all followers want from their leader is someone they can trust, who understands them and has the answers to their problems. – Zain Jaffer, Zain Jaffer Foundation

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