Estonian Salesforge secures $500K pre-seed to forge a future of AI-powered B2B sales excellence

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Salesforge, a Tallinn-based startup in the B2B sales space, has raised $500K in pre-seed funding from a group of investors including, Spring Capital, Fiedler Capital, and super angel Maciej Zawadzinski. The company offers AI-driven tools to help sales teams operate more efficiently. They provide products like Salesforge and Mailforge, which focus on personalized email campaigns and improving email deliverability. The funding will be used to fuel Salesforge’s growth, including expanding their customer base and integrating with CRM systems, as they aim to establish themselves as a key player in the AI-driven sales tools market.

As Frank Sondors, CEO and co-founder notes, this ex-Google, Kevin and Horde co-founder team is building a product to make sales teams leaner and meaner. Having led large sales teams, most recently as SVP Sales at Whatagraph, Frank observed that the prevailing model of large, expensive sales teams that relies on volume-based tactics like mass emailing and cold calling, is outdated.

“B2B sales leaders increasingly find themselves between a rock and a hard place – on the one hand, the buyer personas are tired of generic messaging, pushing sales leaders for larger and more personalized campaigns. On the other hand, email providers are introducing stricter deliverability standards, making oldschool spray-and-pray campaigns obsolete,” he shares. “We believe that the sales teams of tomorrow are going to be very lean and execution will be more programmatic, which will drive significant conversion lift across the sales funnel. Our approach combines a keen focus on multi source AI personalization with an eye for deliverability, which is underscored by a flexible, usage-based pricing model, solving the problem of bloated teams.”

For now, Salesforge has two products – Salesforge and Mailforge, which, when taken together, address both of these challenges. Salesforge crafts unique emails in any language with a big focus on deliverability, while Mailforge provides the necessary infrastructure with easy domain & mailbox management.

“Salesforge capitalizes on an opportunity in a market that currently sees tectonic shifts leveling the playing field for new entrants. AI-driven personalization and tightening email controls, taken together with rising labor costs, have created a world where single-person sales teams are not just possible, but they can thrive. Dogfooding their own product for months, Salesforge is the prime example of that,” highlights Raimonds Kulbergs, CEO of

The current funding round will fuel Salesforge’s growth to unlock new channels, enable autonomous capabilities together with CRM integrations to cover the entire pipeline generation process. The team’s current growth is a testament to its hunger – having boostrapped until now, Salesforge has attracted over 800+ customers across the US and EMEA growing to $1M ARR in less than 10 months with only a four-person team.

Looking forward, Salesforge wants to become an AI-age ecosystem of sales tools known as forges for B2B sales teams, on par with another regional success story, Pipedrive, which became a unicorn by redefining the CRM landscape.

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