Top 15 AI Email Marketing Platforms to Grow Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) has improved in accuracy in recent years, and the marketing industry has taken to it with gusto. This is particularly so with email, where nearly every tool and platform contains some AI email marketing software element.

Many brands use AI email marketing platforms to perfect their email marketing strategies, resulting in increased revenues and decreased costs. For example, using AI to optimize your sending frequency will help you generate a better ROI. In addition, with more successful email campaigns, you will have less need to spend funds on other types of advertising.

So, what is AI in email marketing? Jesse Sumrak of Twilio SendGrid describes AI as “the set of rules and processes that allows programs to analyze hundreds or thousands of inboxes for marketers to create better, more personalized content for subscribers.” AI helps email teams understand what kind of email to send, to whom, when, and how often. In addition, it supports email marketers in streamlining their processes and analyzing big data in real time.

Of course, real-world AI still has some limitations. We haven’t yet reached the point where we can have our equivalent of Iron Man’s JARVIS to organize our email marketing. Humans are emotional beings, and AI still lacks the corresponding emotional decision-making. Real people don’t always make logical decisions and definitely don’t always make the best choices. Therefore, successful email marketing will generally still require (human) email marketers using AI email marketing software and platforms to generate the best results.

Top AI Email Marketing Platforms to Grow Your Business:


ai email marketing platforms



Campaigner is an AI-enhanced email marketing platform with a focus on automation, advanced testing capabilities, and dynamic content personalization. Specifically designed by marketers, Campaigner is catered towards businesses of all sizes, aiming to bolster customer relations and propel sales.

Using industry-leading features such as detailed A/B split testing, intelligent API integration, effective segmentation, comprehensive reporting, and responsive design, Campaigner provides users with the tools needed to monitor and optimize email marketing efforts.

Its automation workflow builder lets you build simple or complex journeys, engaging customers through highly pertinent messages via email or a combination of email and SMS.

Personalization is at the heart of Campaigner’s offering, allowing the creation of 1:1 email conversations based on varying factors such as geolocation, purchase history, previous engagement, or your own custom data.

Known for boosting campaign performance, this platform is trusted by leading businesses such as Adidas, Stanford University, and The Washington Post.

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Brevo is a smart and intuitive email marketing platform for growing businesses that incorporates AI and automation into your email marketing processes. They want you to focus on the important tasks and put the rest on autopilot with automation. 

Brevo covers more than just email marketing, however. It also caters to SMS marketing and chat.

You can create a professional-looking email in no time. Start with an email template library or build a new design from scratch. Then you can add the blocks and style you want by using an intuitive drag-and-drop builder to match your brand and wow your audience.

Once you’ve decided on your base email content, bring it to life by dynamically adding text such as your contact’s name using personalization, or go even further with advanced email personalization options. 

When ready to send, you can group contacts however you want. Then, take your strategy further by choosing even smaller segments based on criteria that you choose (e.g., gender, geography, purchase history, etc.)

Find the best message with A/B testing and make sure your email sends at the perfect time with the click of a button using Brevo’s machine learning-powered send time optimization.


SMTP is an established authority in email relay services with over two decades of experience. The SMTP brand is deeply interwoven with the technology that drives the internet’s email engine, serving as the backbone for transactional emails of thousands of worldwide leading brands.

With an impressive track record of 11 billion emails sent annually, SMTP offers superior email delivery services, facilitating the sending and tracking of high-volume emails seamlessly with the help of AI. Whether your needs lie in low-latency email delivery for your transactional emails, scalable infrastructure for high-volume sends, or a reliable backend solution for your marketing campaigns, SMTP provides an all-encompassing solution.

The brand’s relay services are known for boosting IP reputation, optimizing inbox placement rates, and ensuring messages reach your subscribers. Integrate in minutes, and trust SMTP to handle your transactional, email relay, and email delivery needs in one comprehensive, reliable platform.


Omnisend is an easy-to-use eCommerce email marketing, SMS, and automation platform. Engage your shoppers wherever they are with integrated email and SMS campaigns. All templates are built-in and 100% customizable so that you can give your customers a personalized, consistent experience through a single platform.

Omnisend integrates with hundreds of eCommerce tools, and you can add it to your store with a single click. 

Omnisend’s library of templates makes it easy to create professional, stunning emails without coding. You can easily customize the emails to fit your brand, add products and dynamic discount codes and save them as presets for your subsequent campaigns. Their Automations Library has pre-built workflows for every step of your customer journey. With drag-and-drop workflow editing, it’s easy to adjust and visualize the sequencing or even build one from scratch. Use complete contact data to personalize your messages, improve your targeting, and increase conversions. You can segment your contacts in many ways, including customer lifecycle stages, shopping and on-site behavior, and message engagement.


ActiveCampaign provides email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools to create incredible customer experiences. Their platform includes tools to assist with each stage of the customer journey. These range from core email marketing functionality and email segmentation at the Reach stage through marketing automation and dynamic content while Nurturing to CRM and sales automation and pipeline automation when Converting, and split testing, predictive sending, and predictive content to push for Growth.

ActiveCampaign includes many automation tools to make your life easier. For example, segmentation lets you send exactly what your contacts want to see. When you automate your segments, you can deliver personalized follow-ups with dynamic email content, A/B test flows, and make your drip campaigns more effective. Dynamic content ensures your customers see the most relevant message for them, leading to higher engagement, sales, and loyalty. Swap images, copy, and CTAs based on saved customer data such as demographic information, past purchases, and engagement history.

ActiveCampaign makes good use of machine learning, crunching the numbers so that you can make better decisions in your business. One use of this is predictive sending, which sends your automation emails at the best time. Their data model ranks each hour daily based on a contact’s habitual open time. Based on these results, ActiveCampaign recommends scheduling emails at an appropriate time. As people continue to engage with your emails, send times become even more targeted.


EmailOctopus offers a range of simple, powerful tools to grow your business; all the features you need to grow your list, engage your audience, and get results.

You can import existing subscribers and keep growing with customizable forms for your website. In addition, you can create stunning landing pages to capture more subscribers. Start with a pre-designed template and customize it with their easy-to-use email editor or build designs from scratch—Import HTML templates for complete creative control.

Save time and reach new subscribers while they’re most engaged with an automated welcome series. Create email sequences to engage your subscribers from the minute they join your list. Set up drip campaigns to educate new subscribers on your product or service. Nurture them through emails and drive the actions that matter most to your business. So create your emails, set up a sequence, and relax, as automation does the hard work.


ConvertKit is an AI-powered email marketing platform, expertly crafted for creators. It intelligently streamlines the editing process with its email designer, offering customizable templates for brand consistency. By employing smart algorithms, ConvertKit ensures high deliverability, with a 98%+ rate, avoiding spam filters to reach the right inboxes.

The platform’s AI capabilities extend to landing page and form creation, boosting email list growth and automatic incentive delivery. Utilizing AI, ConvertKit organizes subscribers with tags and segments, promoting targeted content based on their interests. The platform also features customizable email templates, simplifying the process of branding and providing consistency. There’s no need for delay when inspiration strikes – set a default template and get going. To enhance the writing experience, ConvertKit offers an uncluttered interface with inline styling options for adding buttons, images, or videos to emails.

Furthermore, ConvertKit’s AI-driven email funnels handle repetitive tasks, allowing creators to focus on their work. These funnels can be used for various purposes, from sending welcome series to product launches. ConvertKit’s AI-powered smart filters avoid pitching to customers who’ve already purchased, ensuring efficient, personalized marketing.

Optimail - OptimoveOptimail - Optimove

Optimove is primarily a relationship marketing hub across multiple marketing channels, with a strong emphasis on AI optimization to automate data-driven insights to systematically improve marketing performance.

The software includes Optimail, a native email personalization and delivery platform which incorporates eDataSource for inbox placement analytics, analysis, and escalation capabilities. It uses cutting-edge, AI-powered machine learning to track over 90% of all commercial emails sent globally.

Optimove integrates an advanced customer email platform available with a leading customer relationship management hub. This enables email personalization and customer hyper-targeting that leverages all available Optimove data and insights (customer database, customer model, activity tracking, predictive analytics, and AI recommendations). Each customer sees the most relevant messages, products, prices and offers, even when emails have sat in an inbox for a long time after sending. Optimail/Optimove continually monitors behavior and consequently adjusts the messages to send to drive leads and customers toward your business goals.

Twilio SendGridTwilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid offers a suite of tools to create engaging email campaigns. These cover areas such as email automation, signup forms, email testing, email design, email templates, and email statistics. In addition, they offer an email API with features such as SMYP service, email validation, deliverability insights, dynamic templates, and email integration.

It uses AI in three main areas:

  •         Email validation – the real-time API scans your list to detect and prevent invalid email addresses, keeping your list clean and reducing your bounce rates.
  •         Neural protection – this increases your deliverability rates by identifying risky sending patterns. The AI inspects outgoing messages to spot ways you’re hurting your reputation with ISPs.
  •         Deliverability insights – the AI scans your real-time metrics and email performance to provide recommendations to improve your email deliverability

The company views AI as essential to ensuring its customers generate the greatest return on their emails. It helps complex systems to adapt, learn, and perform, even if human communication changes.

Drift EmailDrift Email

Drift acts as a conversation platform to help your marketing, sales, and customer teams easily connect with customers through conversations. It delivers personalized conversations via chat, email, video, and more.

One of Drift’s solutions is Drift Email. It includes powerful email management software that automatically separates human email replies from autoresponders. This ensures you can route real human responses to the right person to guarantee follow-up and drive more pipeline. 

Drift Email automatically cleans and enriches contact records in your marketing automation platform and CRM with phone numbers and job titles from email signatures. As a result, you improve your deliverability and database health every time you send an email. In addition, Drift Email’s inbox management tools seamlessly integrate into your existing email marketing tech stack so you can drive more pipeline from your email campaigns with less work.

Seventh SenseSeventh Sense

Seventh Sense markets itself as AI software designed to drive maximum performance and engagement with your existing email marketing program. It is an email delivery optimization system designed specifically for HubSpot and Marketo. 

With Seventh Sense’s artificial intelligence to optimize and personalize email delivery times for everyone in your database, you will see more engagement and better results with your email marketing. Features include send-time optimization, email throttling, increased deliverability, and email frequency optimization, enabling knowledge transfer between your sales and marketing teams and increased conversions.

Zeta EmailZeta Email

Use the popular AI email marketing platform,  Zeta Marketing Platform, to boost email marketing performance with real-time email personalization at scale. Personalize your content and product offerings based on individual interests, demographics, and real-time behaviors from continuously updated profiles.

Zeta features always-on predictive insights, optimizing for the channel, subject line, creative, send time, frequency, and more. You can easily add, score, and use new data sources in seconds—stream live segment updates from advanced integrations and syndicate performance data in real time. 

But the Zeta Marketing Platform covers more than just email. It is an omnichannel marketing platform that combines consumer intent data, first-party data, and results-driven AI to power customer acquisition and retention. It combines 2.4 billion unique data identities with industry-leading AI to create personalized omnichannel experiences. In addition to email, you can use Zeta’s AI to predict intent and engagement across display, website personalization, and social.


Phrasee is a powerful AI platform to help firms optimize their email, push, web, SMS, and social channels. It is excellent for email marketing, where you can optimize content for email subject lines, in-body copy, and calls-to-action. 

Using natural language generation (NLG), Phrasee analyzes your past messaging and brand guidelines to get a feel for your style and tone. This enables their AI to generate brand-compliant marketing messages that sound like your copywriting team wrote. Then, with a click of a button, Phrasee produces natural-sounding, scandal-proof language in real-time. It applies attention-based deep learning networks to customer and market data to predict and deploy top-performing language for your brand.

In addition, Phrasee uses dynamic optimization to help brands respond to customers more nimbly and personally by automatically optimizing content to ensure that the best-performing messages reach the widest possible audience. Their data-driven approach tests AI variants against a human-generated control, deploys the top-performing copy, and calculates revenue impact.


Mailmodo brings all your email marketing to one place. You can even add forms and widgets to emails without coding. They describe themselves as a single platform to create, send, and automate. 

Mailmodo builds interactive email experiences on AMP email. Unlike traditional HTML emails, users can act right within their inboxes. By letting users take action inside the email, they can convert from the email itself.

You can automate your emails with Mailmodo’s pre-built journeys. Automate time-based drip series and track the reach of your automated campaigns. And you can do this simply using drag-and-drop workflows using their visual builder. You can integrate their email automation software with your marketing stack and trigger campaigns through a wide range of integrations. Create automated campaigns to send time-sensitive, customized emails.

You can tailor user experiences without compromising on automation. Leverage user data and actions to personalize your email sequences, including adding custom fields in email campaigns, conditional logic in email, advanced segmentation, and dynamic email content with updatable templates.


LeadGnome describes itself as a B2B reply email mining solution. You can use it to eliminate bad contacts, find titles, direct dials, mobile phones, and other details on your leads and customers, ensuring your database is always up to date. LeadGnome also helps you identify decision makers, influencers, and indeed the best people with whom to connect for a potential sale.

In addition, LeadGnome not only mines all the sales intelligence from auto-responses and human replies, but it automatically moves any auto-responses into folders. LeadGnome turns your inbox junk-free so you can focus on the important emails from real people.

LeadGnome passively monitors your inbox and analyzes replies as they come in. It then categorizes replies by type. These include Out-Of-Office, Left-The-Company, change of address, emails etc. It then physically moves the auto-responses into designated folders by type. You end up with a clean and action-oriented inbox. 

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