GPT-Based AI Chatbot for Spies: Did Microsoft Develop One for US Intelligence?

A new and secure GPT-4-based AI chatbot is here from Microsoft, and it is designed by the company for spies and US intelligence to use for its needs.

This new chatbot can help analyze information data more securely, as it was made to be disconnected from the World Wide Web, a.k.a. the Internet, unlike the regular ChatGPT AI chatbot. 

It is based on the renowned GPT-4 from OpenAI, which may also mean that if not careful, it could cause hallucinations and fabricated information.

Microsoft Brings the GPT-Based AI Chatbot for Spies for US Intelligence

(Photo: Mika Baumeister from Unsplash)Microsoft delivered its latest AI chatbot development, a GPT-4-based model that is meant to be used by US intelligence for their analysis and search for classified information, as first reported by Bloomberg.

In this version, Microsoft created a new generative AI chatbot that is not connected to the internet, so it would not have the risks that the standard version has. 

This new GPT-4-based AI chatbot was said to feature secure communications between US intelligence agencies and the AI. However, it is unknown if its interface resembles ChatGPT and Copilot’s. 

Moreover, GPT-4 is the latest LLM from OpenAI which features the latest development, capable of predicting tokens, also known as fragments from encoded data, said Ars Technica.

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ChatGPT But For Spies? Helping US Intelligence Analyze Data

Microsoft used GPT-4 to power this new chatbot like ChatGPT, with the US intelligence’s generative AI not yet given its name by the Redmond-based software company.

It will help analyze confidential and top-secret information for US intelligence and spy agencies, and this secure version ensures that it would not have leaks and be accessible, unlike ChatGPT. 

AI Chatbots for Government and Military Use

The world of defense, government, and spies has always been confidential and kept a secret, ensuring the country has ample information to prepare for threats and discover any other form of conflict around them.

That being said, AI is the latest development in the world, among the most advanced, and is recently seeing its government application use worldwide. 

Recently, President Joe Biden allocated as much as $3.3 billion for AI application and development across US federal agencies and the government.

On the other hand, there is much research and development on the US military’s end-utilization of AI for various applications, including battle planning through StarCraft II.

Initially, there was a massive concern and reluctance to use AI for the government, but it was later considered a valuable tech to explore and possibly apply for future needs. 

Now, another development was delivered to the US, focusing on the GPT-4-powered AI chatbot that could power its search for intelligence, centering on Microsoft’s tech for spy agencies. 

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