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Hey there,

The Virtual Coaches here, and very quickly…

What is the ULTIMATE critical, must-have asset for building a credible personal brand?

I’m talking a personal brand with authority.  Where people see your website or blog and realize, “wow, this guy/gal knows their stuff.  I’m gonna keep reading”.

What’s the ONE critical thing that does that?

A long time ago, it might have been a book.  But… people don’t read those anymore, and everyone and their mother’s dog has one on Amazon.

No, no…

The one, critical, ultimate, must-have, authority-building thing for successful personal brands today… is a premium online course.

Not a crappy tutorial or set of powerpoint slides.

A REAL, premium, high production value, high perceived value, visually attractive, online course, or series of courses, that defines them and their brand.  That acts as the core of their online offerings.

Their main course.

Their “flagship” course.

Often called a “master class”.

Think about it.

Marie Forleo has B-School and Copy Cure.
Todd Brown has E5 Camp.
Amy Porterfield’s Starter Kit
Scott Olford’s Relevancy Engine
Frank Kern’s Mass Conversion
Dan Lok’s HTC

The list goes on and on.

And most of them have a handful of these signature courses. Not just one.

If you want to have a successful personal brand and be seen as an authority, you NEED a killer online course and preferably a whole series of killer online courses.
You need an attractive, high production value “Signature Series” of your own.

To stick right there on the home page or the “products” page for your personal brand website.

And there’s no easier or quicker way to accomplish that, than by clicking here and grabbing this borderline clinically insane deal.



Virtual Coaches
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