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Hey there,

The Virtual Coaches here, and have you seen this yet?


If you’re building a list and sending emails…

… this is going to make you think twice about the autoresponder or email marketing tool you’ve been using (seriously – I’m amazed nobodyfhas thought of this before.)

And, it’s so freakin powerful…

… I swear, it’s going to put a lot of other email marketing tools on the ropes…

… and could even replace a lot of people’s jobs (like copywriters, editors, marketing consultants, and more.)

I always thought the machines would take over and replace us…

… but it’s happening faster than I thought.

Bottom line is…

If you want your emails to get opened, clicked and to make you more of the green stuff…

… and potentially make you look even smarter to your list…

… then this brand new email marketing tool is going to have you giddy with excitement:


OH, and did I mention there’s no monthly fees?

Yeaaah… let that sink in for a sec…

… think how much you’re paying for your email marketing tools right now… it’s probably hundreds per year…

… and I’m willing to bet it’s nowhere NEAR as powerful as this new tool…

… and doesn’t actually help you send better emails either.

Check it out and prove me wrong:


This limited-time offer is an absolute no-brainer, too, as you’ll get instant access to these awesome bonuses when you grab Mailzapp today:

Bonus 1: ConvertMeToApp

This is a one-of a-kind, premium software that converts any website or webapp into a desktop app (Mac or Windows) or Chrome extension in 3 easy steps. Create unlimited white-label apps with this amazing bonus! ($1,997 value)

Bonus 2: ProxyMyEmail

You’ll never have to give out your real email address if you don’t want to. Use this awesome software platform to keep in touch with people and always keep your real email address a secret. Without knowing your real address, no one can ever spam you! ($997 value)

Bonus 3: CoachZippy Live

This is Mintware’s flagship online course and education platform and the only one out there that allows live online classes to be conducted straight from within the app. All sessions and related conversations are stored cleanly in the course area. ($1,997 value)

Bonus 4: Smart Newsletter Builder

Let advanced software technology help you build beautiful newsletters within minutes. See all changes happen in real-time while this intuitive system makes it super-easy for you to create newsletters your subscribers are sure to love. ($247 Value)

Bonus 5: Zappdesk

Taking good care of your customers could never have been easier, now that you can use ZappDesk, a smart and easy-to-use online ticketing system. Follow the progress of each ticket meticulously, define workflows that suit the needs of your business and build long-term, trust-based relationships with your customers. (Value: $564/year)

I’m so pumped for this — thought you’d appreciate the share 🙂


Virtual Coaches
Authority Marketing Innovators

ps – the enhancements…

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