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In April of last year, Jeff Bezos warned Amazon investors to prepare for the stock price to drop. Why?

Because back then, he planned on spending around $4 billion dollars in expected profits 4th quarter 2020 purely on COVID-19 related expenses.

Everybody braced themselves for a loss of potentially billions of dollars. But the opposite happened….

Amazon actually doubled its profits during the pandemic.

It makes sense, though.  Just look at this comment from only 2 weeks ago,  2/3/21:

“…Just as astounding as the development of Amazon’s blueprint has been the traction to it from merchants and consumers alike. Earlier, when Bezos said he would step down as CEO during the third quarter to become executive chairman, Amazon reported fourth-quarter net sales of $125 billion.

Amazon, which has been in business since 1994, generated $386 billion in 2020 revenue.

It took Walmart Inc. (NYSE:WMT), the retail weapon of mass destruction of a prior era, 58 years to get to $524 billion.

If there is a company that hits the holy grail of $1 trillion in annual revenue before anyone else, it will likely be Amazon….


People love to shop and online shopping is a smaller slice of the pie than offline shopping. Until many people were forced to stay indoors, that is.

The only really big question mark was if Amazon could support the disruption? Turns out they could.

For example, Amazon itself handled shipping on 2/3rds of its products recently, and plans on doing shipping for 80% of its products by 2021.

What’s this have to do with you? Everything.

You see, even though Amazon doubled its profits initially, it represents a small fraction of the growth it anticipates having by year’s end. And here’s the thing: most of Amazon sales come not from their own products, but from “third party sellers”.

What’s a third party seller?

Mostly, it’s folks like you and me.

One or two person organizations who, either through their own products, or reselling other products, make up most of Amazon’s products sales.

The thing is, a lot of these third party sellers who were making big bucks on Amazon saw their profits shrink when the pandemic hit… because, unless you were following a certain approach on Amazon, you were going to lose money, just like Bezos predicted.

But if you followed this approach, your profits surged so much it covered all the losses and then some, a la Amazon doubling in profits.

Better still – the real profit shift on Amazon is already occuring.

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