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Quick Recap: =>HEADSUP: Invitation to get free coaching tomorrow, no-pitch…


Barb Ling here and pls forgive this extra email, but Dennis and I will be delivering a rather awesome zero-cost, zero-pitch webbie tomorrow!

To wit from my partner:

“…I’d like to invite you to participate
in our monthly Ask Us Anything webinar
tomorrow, Tuesday December 17th, at
1 p.m. eastern time.
This is our regular monthly webinar
for DAB Group Coaching members, and is
always a no-pitch event.
We start each webinar with a short
presentation, this time about “Making
Your 2020 Better Than Ever!”, and then
following up by answering any marketing
related questions from attendees.
There will be a recording, but in order
to receive it, you need to at least sign
up below, even if you end up not actually
Get more details and register here:
A new decade is arriving in just over
2 weeks. How will you make it amazing?
I hope you can join us, and feel free to
really ask us anything tomorrow afternoon.
Have a strongly spectacular day,
Dennis Becker and Barb Ling 

ps – just think, you can ask us ANYTHING
you’d like, like:

Why do you call Mo the Amazing Mowing
PiggyMoose… a PiggyMoose?

On the night before Christmas
and all through the house, do
creatures in your home consider
themselves… a PiggyMouse?

Does the Beak of Doom really chase the 
dog from his food?

Why do some states wait until their
parkways become parking lots during
ice storms before sending out the
brining machines? 

Is it true that NJ has deers that
can eat their way thru concrete?

What do you do when your
get up and go…. got up and went?

How can I gain courage to 
mail my list?

How do you deal with haters?

Admit it…. you want to ask all of the above!
Thus, sign up at

You’ll love what you discover.  🙂

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