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Quick Recap: ==>FREE Service Delivers Push Notifications Without Needing A Mobile App

Hey there,

The Virtual Coaches here, and very quickly…

This service works across nearly every mobile device, AND on desktop computers:

Apple iPhone and iPads
Android phones and tablets
Windows phones and tablets
Amazon Fire devices
Desktop computers using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
Notifications are delivered without the need for:

NO Need to install any apps
NO Phone settings to change
NO Fees for sending these notifications

Oscar built a simple demo site for restaurants and installed this software.

He sent the demo via email to 192 different restaurants in the Orlando area and hoped for the best…

The result…

57 of the restaurants emailed him back, interested in buying the technology for their websites and 28 of them signed a $997/month contract with Oscar to provide this service



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ps – the enhancements…

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