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Most of us are familiar with the different Social Media Platforms and we know our customers need them (as we do ourselves!).  There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn…and others.

But my friend, Jeanne Kolenda, discovered quite by accident the incredible POWER of using GMB (Google My Business) as a social platform.

Last year, she started posting the same graphics and text blurbs she was posting on Facebook to her clients’ GMB Listing.  She just viewed it as a nice “add-on.”

THEN, a friend who does SEO for a living, asked if he could run an analytics report on one of her roofing clients where she had been doing GMB Posting.  “Sure, she said…go ahead.”

When he gave her the report in video format, she was STUNNED!  By adding in little posts and pictures on the GMB listing, the number of times people searched on the Maps in Google had gone up 92%. The number of phone calls made to the business by clicking on the GMB link increased by 78%. This was compared to the year before when she wasn’t doing the daily GMB posts.


WOW! Who knew?  Well, now you know!  So as marketers, it’s time to get busy and cash in on this fantastic way to help a local business.

I bet if you take a look at some local business listings on Google, you’ll find that very few people understand the power of posting to a GMB listing.

Introducing… “GMB Posting Magic,” a course done by Jeanne, outlining exactly how to make this happen! She tells you how to find the perfect clients, how often to post, how to post correctly to get the most “juice” from it, and best of all…she’s chosen two ESSENTIAL businesses who need GMB posting, and lets you choose which pack of graphics and text files you want to start with.

Those two incredibly lucrative niches are:  Auto Insurance Agents, and Auto Repair Shops.

So when most marketers are zigging…it’s time for you to zag! Not saying to abandon Social Media platforms…but I AM saying…don’t ignore the incredible POWER of posting to a GMB listing.

Sound exciting?  YASSS!!

Get in now.


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