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Quick Recap: ==>10xSocial is a BLOCKBUSTER (Your Questions Answered)

Hey there,

The Virtual Coaches here, and this just went live!

10xSocial is flying-off-the-shelves with THOUSANDS of customers jumping in to grab it as soon as it went live!

Unlock 10xSocial Launch Discount Now…

In this email I wanted to address the Top 3 questions we have been getting.

Your Questions Answered:

Q) How does 10xSocial help me?

10xSocial is the first-of-its’-kind software that:

[+] Ensures you never lose leads again on Facebook.

[+] Great tool for publishing and selling video courses

[+] Provides the most advanced and effective text to speech tool for marketing

[+] Enables businesses to send leads info about their products, services and promotions.

[+] Send broadcast messages – video message, audio message, voice message, image message…

Q: Can I also sell these campaigns?

Yes. You are getting the Commercial License at no extra cost with your purchase today. This allows you to pitch and sell these Video Messenger Campaigns as a service to your clients and charge top dollar for it.

Q) Any monthly or yearly Charges?

There are no monthly or yearly fees ever. You get EVERYTHING for a low one-time price if you act now during the launch discount.

See 10xSocial In Action Here…

The price is GOING up every few hours!

Don’t miss out on all the action!

Talk soon.


Virtual Coaches
Authority Marketing Innovators

ps – And the enhancements….

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