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💫 How To Ensure More People buy PLR Upsells – PLR Reality LIVE

Discover today:  An Easy Way To Sell PLR Upsells


Today’s PLR Reality LIVE show….

…discusses that age-old question:

If you make and sell PLR, how can you ensure more people buy the upell?

To wit:

In a nutshell:

When people buy your front end PLR offer…

… they’re almost always shown an upsell that is even more jam packed…

… or offers complementary videos…..


Well, your main FE didn’t catch their attention so unless you’re creative, you’ve lost them as a potential customer.


You offer an exit popup or thingee that gives either a side-sell or a downsell.

It makes sense, right?  The visitor rejected your main offer.

So… instead of asking them to opt in for a freebie (as that might turn off affiliates who just gave you their leads for free)…

… add to your funnel a downsell or side-sell page.

Include as your call to action something like:

“An entire done-for-you business in a box is meh?  Well, what about (your downsell or side-sell)?  Stay on this page to see how!”

In essence:

Give visitors another opportunity to buy.   It could deliver profits not only to you…. but your affiliates as well.

Good stuff!

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