Fat Is Not Beautiful. Neither is Thin. But *This* Is.

What an unexpected wakeup call I had yesterday.

Spent most of the day resting and working from my laptop while elevating the ankle.

Didnt get to the gym…. but did some great isometics while in bed.  Thing is, though…. I *did* have to pick up my youngest after school, and figured…..

“Might as well get the supremely needed haircut for the kid as well!”


Boldly flung myself into the MooseMobile, brought the kid to the stylist and decided to reflect on my lousy physical condition.

I gingerly lowered myself into a chair and looked around.

I noticed an extremely obese individual sitting quietly alone, checking the phone.

My first thought was, Wow.  Huge.  MegaSnowBall with tree trunk legs.  I wonder how tough that person’s life must be because of all that extra weight.

And then it hit me like a 16 ton goldplated muffin.

Instead of focusing how the outer wrappings……

I looked at the person’s *character*.

Which is of course a lie, because one cannot see one’s character unless one sees the person’s actions.

But!  I thought about it.

And I wondered… what is this person *like*?

Does this person:

  • Look out for friends/family/etc.?
  • Take care of others?
  • Step in to stop bullying?
  • Make people laugh?


In other words…

Why focus immediately on the person’s outer wrappings…

…while at the same time…. refusing to consider the true measure of beauty?


And I realized…

The true measure of beauty is how we treat and inspire others.

It’s not how much we weigh.

It’s not how much money we make.

It’s how we make the world better place for having been *in* it.

And then as I’m wont to do….. I started thinking about society in general, which screeches the message:

  • Thin is beautiful!
  • Fat is ugly!

To that I say….


Society might *condition* you to equate “thin” with beauty… and “fat” with ugly.

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“Beauty” is far more than how  you look….

Beauty is also how you act.

It really puts a whole new spin on “the beautiful people,” aye?

Now, healthwise, I certainly DO think for the most part… thinner is *better* than fat.

You carry far less weight on your frame… and let me tell you, when you have a fused ankle…..

Every little bit counts!

But judging someone for how they *look*????

It’s utterly unworthy of you.

Many thin people are miserable in their lives.  Many fat people are miserable in their lives.  Heck, bunches of folk….

They’re miserable in their lives!!

For example… did you ever see this?


Then I started to wonder…

  • What must it be like to be stared at because you’re fat?
  • What must it be like to be stared at because you’re a different race/religion/etc.?
  • What must it like to be stared at because you’re handicapped?  (Pick me, pick me, people tend to act like you’re invisible at times)

Or the most important question…

What must it be like to be stared at because…. you’re *different* than society-approved norms?

It’s something to think about.

Your takeaway?

Do NOT judge people by their highlight reels.


Do NOT judge people by the stories they weave!


Do NOT judge your own worth by what’s happening to others!

Instead…. if you *have* to judge…

Judge people by the good they do for others.

The world would be a much better place, aye?

Grow strong,

Mama Bear






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