🌄 Dissolving Explosive Thanksgiving Family Stress: Today’s Zenlike Coaching Tip

Tell yourself today:  You CAN have a pleasant Thanksgiving even if your family is a bunch of tweebleheads

How to have faith in yourself

Today is Thanksgiving!

Thing is, not everyone is capable of behaving like a civilized human bean…

…. and sometimes family stress can get more devastating than a tsunami brewed inside of a Starbucks location.

So how can you ensure your stress level is as teeny as possible?

You manage expectations.

And here’s how.

Step 1.)  Set the ground rules.

During the Thanksgiving meal, spell out what cannot be discussed.  ie:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Taxes
  • Decaf vs. Regular

And let people know that if someone tries to bring it up ANYWAYS, you will refer them to this particular groundrule and then say, you can talk about it afterwards.  Hey, what are you looking forward to in 2017?

See, the key here is to stop tweebleheads in their tracks, and then *redirect* them.

It won’t work all the time but if you can get a buy-in by everyone, the fact that *everyone* is disapproving of their topic *might* help shut them up.

Step 2.)  Discover at least 1 interesting thing each person is doing before the meal starts.

If you know at least one interesting activity each person is doing, as the host, you can then proactively ask them to tell the family more about it.

This is a great side-step to defuse potential arguments about forbidden topics.

Step 3.)  Validate.

If someone insists on sharing their take on emotionally explosive ideas, first validate their right to feel that way.

Then remind them that such things can be discussed *after* the meal.

Sometimes, knowing your point has been heard is more important than beating up everyone with it.

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You are the captain of your Thanksgiving Feast.

Your take away from today’s coaching tip?

Assert yourself.  There is no reason why any one person should get to destroy a family meal because of their beliefs.


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