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🌄 Coaching when you feel like blah

Tell yourself today: Coaching when you feel like blah

How to have faith in yourself




Not fun at all.

Looks like the ankle is really deciding to go smoosh for a bit.

The hell of it is, even when you feel like blahness, life doesn’t stop for you.

You still have your parenting duties to complete, your business thingees to do, your friendships to maintain and the like….


So what do you do when you feel utterly ickified?

You commit to somehow…

… making either your life or the life of those you love…


And how do you do THAT?

Well, for me, it was making a mental commitment to make money from my blahs.

And that involved figuring out long-term…

… just how do I want to structure Virtual Coach?

Still working on that, but I decided the first thing to do was come up with a twist for Growing Golder… and that’s my Faith Maker!

What kind of faith?

Nope, not religious, not by a long shot (because who am I to say what belief system works best for you?)…

But instead…

Faith in *yourself*.

It ties into the whole concept of self-confidence as well!  I mean, when you give yourself permission to believe in yourself…. you’re setting up the foundation for your own personal greatness to evolve.

Now, just what WILL that faith maker be?

Darned if I know…

But I’m going to set up the starting blocks to develop it!

So your takeaway?

Always keep your future in the back of your mind…

And if today you feel like warmed over jello….

Remember that tomorrow will always give you a new opportunity to shine.

Did I coach anyone during the ickness?

Nope.  But I *did* … give myself permission to grow my coaching impact for the future.


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