==> ChatGPT Goodies, LAST Day (plus the behind-the-scenes insanities


The Virtual Coaches and Barb Ling here and I figure… you’d like to know the madcap insanity of the last launch between Barb Ling and Dennis Becker.

And yep – it is most downright crazy indeed!

To wit:

Did you know that not only was ALL the ChatGPT stuff (the cheatsheet, the Blueprint, the GOLD version AND the membership prelaunch) created in under 6 days

(6 days of consecutive all-nighters where I would end up going to sleep at 5-7am the next morning)

… but the last time I had created such a launch was… wow.

I honestly do not remember.

See… the past 4 years had me in quite the clinical depression mode due to Really Not Good Things.  🙁

And because I was one of the top W+ affiliates several years ago, AND the husband and I basically never spent money on ourselves, I could afford to be gentle with myself.

But here’s the SuperWeird thingee about it all.   12 days ago or so, when Jeremy mentioned to Dennis and me that ChatGPT was A Thing, I looked it up and realized to meself:

“Jeepers, self!  Nobody in W+ has created a product about it yet!”

Even idjut-me could see the value of this tool:

🔑  How it’s perfect even for Non-techies (OMG the sheer *boon* it is for the rest of the world!)

🔑  How it can be tied into other AI programs like MidJourney (the Art creation program that uses prompts)

🔑  How it can write engaging and humorous children’s stories (you saw that in the Kids Storybook Case Study – another fun fact – “Birdie” was the Beak of Doom from years ago)

🔑  How it can streamline just about everything (product creation, sales page copy, heck, even how to generate income online)

and the like….

And then I realized…  whoever was the FIRST-to-market would basically become THE defacto expert in it within the marketing industry.

Challenge accepted!

And thus my husband saw his wife spend the next 6 days like so:

🏆 Immersing myself into content creation

🏆 Listening non-stop to Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode 15 “The War is Over” (I put it on repeat and repeat and repeat and ….)

🏆 Remembering to eat when he brought me food

(not to mention, taking out 2 hours last Friday evening because an Honorary Ling needed my help… so I dropped everything to help)

🏆 Using ChatGPT to refine some of my copy

🏆 Aaaaaand (you’ll love this), 18 hours before the launch went live, I *began* creating the 1,200+ page GOLD version (those 425+ niche Product Creation Brainstorming methods)

and guess what?

Last Wednesday we went live at 9am, and won Deal of the Day the following day.

What a ride!!

But here’s where ‘belief’ comes into it.

Back in 2014 or so, I shook up the marketing industry via my cheatsheets – back then, even gurus could never believe that a cheatsheet could launch anywhere NEAR a successful product!

And I proved them ALL … wrong.  😊

You might ask yourself… how did I even give myself permission TO be bold, be different… be profitable?

‘Twas because I gave myself permission once more to believe in *myself*.  🏆❤️

Even thru 4 years of literally soul-smooshing agonizing depression, I never DID forget what I had once accomplished.

And if you were to take the decades before *that*, when I finally learned to allow the seeds of my Inner Greatness to flower…

Well.  🙂

Your takeaway?

Never let anyone tell you what you *cannot* achieve.  💖



Barb ‘Sleep?  What’s that?’ Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

P.S.  Remember, launch ends TONIGHT!  Make sure you haven’t missed ANY you find intriguing by checking them out BEFORE the price increases:

🔥 ChatGPT Cheatsheet:   http://askblings.com/cgpt1

⭐ ChatGPT Blueprint:  http://askblings.com/cgpt22

🥇 425+ Niches GOLD (20+ ChatGPT prompts for each niche):  http://askblings.com/cgpt3

🎨 AI Art Creation Software:  http://askblings.com/cgpt37

💰 Zero Tech Google Profits:  http://askblings.com/cgpt4

🔮 Future ChatGPT Brainstorming Membership:  http://askblings.com/cgpt5part2


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