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…UNLESS you’re using the TrendPal Addon.
Here’s what you can do with Trendio & FREE TrendPal:
  1. SEO Backlink PRO– SEO to monitor backlinks
  2. MobilePages App– optimizes WordPress for mobile
  3. TrendPalEmpire Builder– Build an empire of niche sites
  4. TrendPal Web Editor– User-friendly web editor
  5. TrendPal Traffic App– Generate true buyer’s traffic
  6. Ad Unit Pro– Easily create your own ad units
Listen, everyone will tell you how amazing Trendio is and how easily you can make “affiliate commissions“ using it in minutes.
This isn’t 100% the case.
Trendio has missing features and this is where TrendPal Addon (free today) comes in.
Here’s everything you can do with Trendio + TrendPal that others can’t:

✅ Create traffic pulling websites w/ content automatically
✅ Set curation system to publish content with a keyword
✅ Legally use content & videos from top authority sites
✅ Built-in traffic system to get you unlimited social traffic
✅ Make your content SEO friendly with a content spinner
✅ 100% newbie friendly with no coding or technical skills
✅ Sell services & make a profit big time and many more..

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