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Quick Recap: => the MOST embarrassing niche you know you need?

Hey there,


Barb Ling here and well…


I’ve been marketing now since the earth’s crust cooled (okay, 1997) or so.


And you know something….


One of the biggest niches that *every* marketer *needs* to master….


… but will hardly ever admit their need….


(hope you’re sitting down)


… is the essential skills niches for marketers.


For newbies, not knowing it… it can be mighty embarrassing indeed!



You know the stuff…. things like before you build your list via a squeeze page, you first need to internalize:


Where do you store that list?


How do you tie that list into your squeeze page?


What the heck is a squeeze page anywhos?


So now….


Guess what!


It’s my partner, Dennis Becker, to the rescue!


To wit:


“…I’ve mentioned a lot about the 3 yearsthat it took me (from 2002 through the

end of 2005) to go from online newbie

to someone who was actually making a

decent living at this.



Thinking back, those 3 years were

mostly spent learning stuff, and trial

and error, and failure, and figuring

out the basics.



Humph. 3 years to figure out the basics.



There was no one that I knew of that

was teaching them all in one place.



And there was no YouTube until 2005.



But even today, can you even learn

the basics from YouTube?



And what are basic skills anyway?



Sure, if you know what questions to

ask and are willing to sift through

100’s of videos to find the few that

are up to date and not just trying

to sell you something.



So the person who contacted me asked

me where he could learn the basic

skills that online marketers need.



He had started offline businesses,

but wanted a quick start to online.



I was stumped.



And like I said, I thought and then

I had an idea, and for the last couple

months I’ve been putting this into







In one place, you can find training

on the basic skills that might be holding

you back.



Skills that took me 3 years to figure

out on my own.



Skills that the lack of cause many

others to just quit due to frustration.



And many of the skills on the site are

well beyond the newbie types of basic

skills, especially some of the training

on WordPress.



Because we all progress with what we

already know until we hit a roadblock.



And then we tend to slow down for a while

until we get past that.



IF we get past that.



And so it goes.



There are currently over 400 short videos

on the site.




Topics like the obvious (FTP, domains,


hosting, CPanel, Gmail, etc.)…




… and HTML and CSS, Google marketing,


screencasting, graphics, security…




… and autoresponders, Amazon S3, and


PLR makeover tactics.




And WordPress, OMG, virtually anything


and everything you need to know about


WordPress, including things you might


not appreciate now, but will later.




If you need to know something, you can

find the training very quickly, and move

on… roadblock avoided.



Until you need to know something else,

and bingo… there it is.



I shudder to think that if I had access

to this training, all in one place, at

an affordable cost, back in 2002, I could

have cut my 3 years of struggling down to

3 months, or less.



And the lost income during that period…






Figure that after 2005 I was earning over

6-figures annually. If I could have started

doing that in 2003, instead of 2006, I

lost well over a quarter of a million dollars.






DAB Basic Skills (DAB stands for Dennis

and Barb by the way, I’m Dennis, and Barb

Ling is my partner) is now open for you.



There are over 400 videos there now, and

we definitely have plans in the future to

add to the training with content other

than video, including compilations of

many of my own writing as well as the

best of what I’ve licensed elsewhere.



The price I’ve set today might not be

the price in the future. I really do

believe the value is huge for the




I hope you agree.



This might sound like it’s just for

new marketers, but the content goes

well beyond that, I guarantee.



There’s stuff there that I need to look

at closer myself, but I haven’t reached

that particular roadblock yet.




So check it out yourself over at:




You’re going to adore what you discover!


Grow strong,


Barb Ling

Authority Marketing Innovator


ps – Price can rise at any minute….



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