Quick Recap: ==> My list only: 200 products, Big Coupon for Software that gives you that plus funnels and more!


Barb Ling here and have you grabbed this yet?

You will WANT to get the following!  (really truly and honestly because it gives you, well, *everything* a sales funnel requires (even multiple products!)


The products are already made for you

The sales pages are already made for you
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The download pages are already made for you

And that means….

All YOU do is select the products in your sales funnel, add your buy buttons, turn it on, and keep 100% of the profits!


==>  Instant Funnel Lab! (nothing to download, 100s of products to choose from…. sales pages are INCLUDED!

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Your Benefits:  You get your hands on software that automatically creates *entire* sales funnels for you (and gives you 100s of products to choose from!) – you keep 100% of profits!


Brief, pithy and to the point…

Remember Instant Product Funnel – the thingee that let you create products on your own from 250K resources?

Well!  Behold the next generation….

… that already includes 100s of products you can choose from….
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lets you create entire done for you sales funnels in less than 59 seconds!

And it’s sooo easy:


Choose Products for Your Funnel  (they let you pick from 100s of already done goodness!)


Add your PayPal information


Just One-Click To Publish It


Profit From Your New Funnel!

And here’s other benefits:

Lifetime Access To Instant Funnel Lab

Newbie Friendly One-Click Cash Funnel Creation


Create Sales Funnels With Products In Under 60 Seconds

Lite Version Allows You To Create TEN Sales Funnels Per Month

Access To Thousands of Digital Products To Build Your Funnel Round

Use These Funnels To Gain INSTANT Online Authority

No Need To Pay For Sales Funnel Creation Work Again

No Need To Pay Copywriters Ever Again

No Need To Pay For Expensive Design Work

No Need For Any More Expensive Tools or Softwares

Your Digital Funnels With Products Hosted On OUR Server For LIFE

YOUR Affiliate Links STUFFED Inside Your Finished Sales Funnels

YOUR Buy Buttons & Paypal Buttons Linked To YOUR FUNNELS

Zero Tech Skills Required

NO Website Required

Chance To Get FREE Viral Traffic With Your Digital Sales Funnels

List Building On Steroids! – Just Send Traffic!

Make Money With Your Sales Funnel Immediately

24/7 Access To The Instant Funnel Lab

Lifetime 365 Customer Support From Our US Based Support Team

For PRO Members Only:

Create 20 Sales Funnels With Done For You Products

Access To Our DELUX Library of Done For You Products

ZERO Monthly Fees (Launch Special ONLY!)

100x Your Earnings Potential With Pro Version

And the enhancements?

* Funnel Membership Club

* All in one List Builder!

* Bonus Page Creator

* Reseller License (all across the board!!!!)

==>  Start your journey here!

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And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive my own $297 eMail Marketing mastermind course…

… complete with how I do email marketing that works!

Sounds good?    I think so – this software lets you create entire sales funnels without you making ANY of the components:

You don’t have to make the product…

You don’t have to make the sales page…

You don’t have to make the download page…

What’s not to adore?


Grow strong,

Barbara “More buy buttons!” Ling

PS  ==> So useful!

Use coupon barbcoffeecup to take off big!

PPS:  More questions?   Dive Into:

  • What exactly is Instant Funnel Lab?

Instant Funnel Lab is a cloud-based app that creates complete sales funnels for you in just minutes. With the click of your mouse, you’ll have a sales funnel up and ready to make you money in just 60 seconds.

  • I’ve seen site builders and funnel creators before… what’s different about this?

The big difference with this is that it actually works and it’s easy. When we say no coding or design… we mean it. With Instant Funnel Lab, all you have to do is click your mouse and you have a funnel ready to go in 60 seconds that will make you money.

  • Is this easy to use?

Yes, it’s extremely easy-to-use. You don’t need any technical skills, coding skills, or design experience, and you never have to write anything. If you can follow simple instructions and ‘point and click your mouse, you have everything you need to use this powerful, cloud-based software app.

  • Do I need to install anything?

No. There’s nothing to install because Instant Funnel Lab is securely hosted in the cloud, so you can access this from anywhere.

  • How exactly does this work?

It’s simple…

  • Choose the product want to include in your funnel
  • Add your PayPal information
  • Click Publish
  • And in less than a minute, you’ll have a COMPLETE sales funnel with a product that’s ready to make you money!
  • Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you get a full 30 days to put this to the test and make sure this is for you. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll get you a prompt refund.

The only way you can lose is by missing out on this.

  •  How do I get started right now?

Click HERE!
Instant Access To Instant Funnel Lab…

Use coupon barbcoffeecup to take off big!

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