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Quick Recap: =>>> LOCAL: Software to deliver you offline leads faster than you can say….

Hey there,

Barb Ling here and this software is, quite frankly, incredibly detailed (I tried it out myself!)

Imagine you…

  • having a constantly updated source of local businesses, online companies & independent marketers that DESPERATELY need help
  •  Knowing EXACTLY how to contact them – WITHOUT getting on the phone or meeting them in person
  •  And being paid TOP DOLLAR by providing or outsourcing simple services to them!

And here’s the steps:

Login To The Cloud-Based Software.
Enter A Keyword Search By Niche And Location To Find Businesses That Need YOUR Help.

Watch in Realtime The Software Deliver YOU Multiple Qualified Prospects To Profit From. 
Let The Software Analyze The Weaknesses Of EACH Business – And Download A Report Of Exactly How You Can Help Them.

Use The BUILT-IN Email & SMS Templates To Close These Prospects FOR YOU – WITHOUT Getting On The Phone OR Meeting Them In Person – Ever
Make UPFRONT Profits By Providing Or Outsourcing SIMPLE Services To Clients [We’ll Show You How To Do It]

==> Then Rinse And Repeat For Ongoing Recurring Monthly Profits!

See, here’s the thing….

Why ONLINE SERVICES Are Your FASTEST Shortcut To Profits 

There are a few ‘must-have’ services EVERY business or marketer needs to succeed online.
Serious companies can’t live without the following website & online essentials

  •  SSL Certification – having a ‘secured’ website is very important these days – but SO MANY sites aren’t properly secured, and this is an EASY money making opportunity.
  •  Mobile Optimization – over 47% of online traffic comes from mobile – so EVERY monetized site needs to be mobile friendly – ANOTHER huge money making opportunity for you.
  •   SEO Optimized – search traffic is powerful & free, yet so few existing websites are tweaked for search engines – bank HIGH monthly retainers by offering simple site adjustments to clients.
  •  Social Media Exposure – you’d be SHOCKED by how few companies have a solid social presence – another great way for YOU to cash in with easy fixes you can charge hundreds or more for

These and other basic web services – needed by HUNDREDS of thousands of businesses – are YOUR ticket to risk-free, recurring bottom-line income.

The Internet’s Provided This Opportunity…

==> The Internet’s Provided This Opportunity…

And then enhancements?

Ultimate Edition…

Ultimate SEO Suite…

Develoeprs Rights…

Done For You Professional Website…

==> Start your journey here!
And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive my own $497 eMail Marketing Phoenix (my own course for how to effectively mail your list for years on end)

Sounds good?

I think so – this product is definitely a win for people who want to build an offline business…

Check it out today!


Grow strong,

Barbara “Work Smart!” Ling

ps –  Bonuses too!

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