Quick Recap: LAST CALL, ending TONIGHT…. His deepest, darkest secrets about… this? (I bought it as well)

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Barb Ling here and apologies for not notifying you about the following… it’s ending tonight!

==> His Deepest Darkest Secrets!
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Your Benefits – You’ll uncover the $1 million pivot in his business and ….

Brief, pithy and to the point:

Sean Mize is a legend in our industry.  And as you know, Dennis and I bought out one aspect of his business over 2 years ago… and the quality is second to none.

Sean, however, sometimes returns here and there…

And now, he just announced that he’s leaving W+ forever!

To wit:
So you might be asking, WHY? Why is Sean Mize leaving Warrior Plus forever . .

And here’s why:

“…You may or may not know that my goal for 2019 is $1 million . . . in autoscaled revenue . . .

Not only is that my personal goal, but I want to take 10 clients with me to very high revenue numbers, and I’m holding a live class over the next 6 weeks to help them do it . . .

Now, there’s a wise saying, and that is that “he who chases 2 rabbits catches none”

Because I’ve been so successful at W+, because I can work for an hour or 2 and make several thousand dollars on W+ . . . . I tend to spend too much time there.

And not that that’s a bad thing . .

BUT . . . . my focus in this business for the rest of the year is to take my clients to $100k – $1 million by teaching them to create automated scalable selling systems . . . and to do that I must be laser-focused . …

So I’m burning the bridge . …”
And in a nutshell, the man is virtually giving away many thousands of dollars worth of value.

Insane, really – see for yourself!


And the enhancements?

Repurpose rights to 3X Profits Formula

4 more training programs

4 MORE High Ticket Training Programs for the Price of 1. . . . . .

4 Brand New Coaching Programs You Can Automate and Use as Your Own


Start your journey here!

Methinks you’ll find the sheer quality for the teeny tiny price….


Grow strong,

Barb “More Commissions!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

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